The non-governmental organization Reporters Without Borders is launching a platform for the media entitled "Journalism trust initiative", "initiative de confidence dans le journalisme" in French.

It should allow them to obtain a certification valued by the algorithms of social networks.

It is a new tool in the arsenal of combating disinformation.

The NGO Reporters Without Borders is launching the "Journalism trust initiative" platform, a "journalism trust initiative" intended for the media.

It should enable them to obtain certification, a sort of proof that their information production process is reliable and of high quality and that these media are therefore trustworthy.

To obtain this certification, media applicants must meet no less than 130 criteria.

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On trial in 50 international media

Among these many criteria, transparency (financial, on shareholders in particular), editorial independence, the choice of journalistic and ethical methods ... Once obtained, the certification can be highlighted on platforms such as Facebook or Google. .

Their algorithms would value certified, trustworthy media.

This "Journalism trust initiative" is another way to fight disinformation.

The platform has already been tested by around fifty international media.

In France, it is AFP and France Télévisions which inaugurate it.

Other media could follow.