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Updated Tuesday, 18May2021-17: 07

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  • Obituary Franco Battiato, the pop humanist, dies at 76

  • 'I surround a center ...' His great songs

  • Battiato and the youngsters' Call me by your name ', La Casa de Papel' ...

  • Opinion When I was asked to translate the songs of "a very strange guy" named Franco Battiato

Franco Battiato's illness will always remain a secret.

Perhaps because of this, his departure now resembles a swoon more than a death.

The singer had retired from the scene for almost three years.

He was sick, that was known.

But hardly anyone could say with certainty

what evil he was fighting with

, and that mystery further enhanced the image of an enigmatic artist.

Something that, in fact, always was.

It was in 2019 the last time that the artist was seen, when the dis

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