China News Service, Lincang, May 18 (Mother Saichang Liangfan) A reporter learned from the Lincang Border Management Detachment, Yunnan, that the Mengding Border Police Station recently seized a drug trafficking case using milk cartons and seized 400 grams of drugs. , Arrested 1 suspect.

  On May 16, during a routine border patrol at the Mengding Border Police Station, a man was found to be behaving suspiciously, and he carried out a detailed inspection.

During the inspection, the police seized 4 boxes of suspected drugs disguised as milk cartons from the bag carried by the man.

After identification and weighing, 3 boxes contained 4 packs of methamphetamine, weighing 300 grams; 1 box contained 1 bottle of heroin, weighing 100 grams.

  Currently, the case is being further processed.

  Mengding Town is a town under the jurisdiction of Gengma Dai and Wa Autonomous County in Lincang City, Yunnan Province, bordering Myanmar to the west.