After two and a half minutes, all seats were sold out.

Those who were able to get hold of one of the around 100 tickets on board the B787 Dreamliner of the Australian airline Qantas are now looking forward to a special kind of flight: At the end of May they should be able to observe a super moon and a total lunar eclipse at an altitude of 13,000 meters.  

The scenic flight to and from Sydney will start on May 26th under the motto “Fly me to the Supermoon”.

After a view of the lights of Sydney Harbor, the flight continues east over the Pacific.

Passengers should then have a particularly good view of the super moon through the large windows for which the Boeing 787 is known.  

The three-hour flight is accompanied by facts and explanations from an astronomer.

The culinary catering on board should also fit thematically: the airline advertises with “cosmic cocktails” and “supermoon cakes”.

Ticket prices range from A $ 499 in Economy Class to A $ 1,499 in Business Class.

Mask requirements and distance rules apply during the flight.

Qantas had previously offered travel-hungry Australians such "flights to nowhere". Passengers were able to view coral reefs and Australian landmarks from the plane before landing back where they left off. For these flights, the airline already received protests from users on the Internet last autumn, who drew attention to the large CO2 footprint of the aimless sightseeing flights. Despite the criticism, the demand for the flights is still great, said Qantas in a press release. And given the limited travel options in Australia, efforts are being made to offer special flight experiences.