[Explanation] "The total number of college graduates nationwide in 2021 is 9.09 million, an increase of 350,000 year-on-year."

On May 13, the Ministry of Education announced the latest data on college graduates in 2021.

The number of college graduates hit a new high, and at the same time they are facing a new situation in the "post-epidemic era". College graduates are facing huge challenges in employment.

  On May 17, the main venue of the "2021 College Graduate Employment Promotion Week" was held at China Agricultural University.

Under the epidemic, what are the "changes" in corporate recruitment, and what new considerations do students have when applying for a job? In response to these questions, a reporter from China News Agency interviewed a number of job-seeking students and recruiting companies.

  [Concurrent] Song Xiangyun, Recruitment Director of Lunan Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.

  Affected by the epidemic, for our recruitment work, a change must have taken place. From the original traditional face-to-face interview method, (now) we have launched a comprehensive online video interview, from submitting resumes to For interviews and even induction and training, we have launched a full-process online operation process.

  [Concurrent] Sun Nan, Director of Human Resources Department, Beijing Zhongguancun Software Park Development Co., Ltd.

  Indeed because of the epidemic, the recruitment pressure of our company will also be greater.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, many of our recruitment has been changed to online.

  [Explanation] In addition to the changes in the recruitment process of enterprises, college graduates also change their employment concepts with time and actively "seeking changes".

The new crown epidemic has forced the vigorous development of the online economy and the digital economy. In this context, many graduates also regard the online industry and the digital industry as one of their job search directions.

  [Concurrent] Li Ying, a graduate of Engineering Mechanics from China Agricultural University

  (Before the epidemic) I thought about finding an offline company. After the epidemic, because of some occupations on the Internet, I was even more acclaimed and welcomed. I also considered that I might do some online related occupations.

  [Concurrent] Chen Jianbang, Deputy Director of the Student Career Guidance Center, University of Science and Technology Beijing

  Students are generally more interested in the new business economy, including the platform economy, which is booming after the current epidemic.

Some students are beginning to want to understand, or to engage in related positions.

At present, many students have begun to choose jobs similar to platform economy or some emerging careers, including self-media anchors, including some personal self-media jobs.

  [Explanation] In the face of the current severe employment situation, some job-seeking students said that job hunting will not be limited to their own professional direction, they will take the initiative to meet challenges and broaden the field of job hunting.

  [Concurrent] Zheng Yu, a graduate of China Agricultural University with a master's degree in agronomy and seed industry

  There are two aspects (considerations) when applying for a job, one is related to the profession and the other is not limited to the profession.

If you don’t limit your major, the competition will be greater than your own major, because it involves a lot of (content). Generally, if you don’t limit your major, it may be some management (posts), which will be more challenging for me, but I If you don't give up such an opportunity, you will understand.

  [Explanation] It is reported that in the "2021 College Graduate Employment Promotion Week" series of activities, the Ministry of Education will work with colleges and universities across the country to gather social resources to accelerate the progress of graduate employment and provide better quality for 2021 college graduates. employment position.

  Reporter Xu Pengpeng Yu Zhanyi reports from Beijing

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]