The terraces reopen Wednesday in France and the French are numerous to count the days.

With good reason: according to Dr. Jimmy Mohamed, meetings with family or friends are beneficial to both our mental and physical health.

It is explained Monday on Europe 1. 

D-2 before the terraces reopen. Impatience is the order of the day among the French, who will once again be able to meet at the table outside from Wednesday. A feeling of freedom which will go hand in hand with beneficial consequences on health. Social relations are indeed essential to stay in shape, psychologically but also physically, explains doctor Jimmy Mohamed on Monday morning at the microphone of Europe 1. 

"We are all impatient for the restaurants to reopen because we have the feeling of regaining some freedom. But it will also have a direct impact on our health. The period has been quite difficult and distressing for all, because the Covid-19 crisis in particular worsened social isolation, especially among the youngest. No more distractions, distance learning or work, few prospects and therefore, inevitably, increased stress. However, loneliness and social isolation are very harmful to your cardiovascular health, as recent studies have shown that people who are alone or deprived of social relations are twice as likely as others to develop serious conditions such as hypertension, heart failure or even heart failure. infarction.

Happiness and health are determined by our social relationships

Numerous studies have also shown that the most socially engaged people are generally in better health and have less risk of suffering from depression or of having a decline in their intellectual capacities.

These data are in line with the lengthy study conducted by Harvard University on the factors that determine healthy aging.

The main conclusion of this study, which began in 1939, is extremely simple: Happiness and good health are determined by quality relationships with your families or friends.

Beyond the reopening of the terraces, we will find a primordial social bond. 

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What about the risk of contamination on the terrace?

The probability of contracting the Covid in an outdoor space is extremely reduced compared to an enclosed environment.

Outside, the enormous amount of air will somehow dilute any particles of the virus and therefore virtually eliminate the risk of aerosol contamination.

There remains the risk of contamination through droplets of saliva, in other words postilions.

This is why I recommend that you get vaccinated as soon as possible so that we can quickly get back to our former life. "