At around 19:00 on May 15, five men were fishing in the river section near the Houhu Pumping Station on the Minsheng Dike of Liudian Village in Panlong Economic Development Zone, Huangpi District, Wuhan. They were trapped on two beaches due to the high tide of the river. Get out of trouble.

The 119 Command Center of Wuhan Fire Rescue Detachment immediately dispatched the Hankou North Fire Rescue Station to the scene after receiving the call for help.

  Firefighters immediately launched reconnaissance upon arrival and found that two people were trapped more than 100 meters from the shore, and three people were trapped in the middle of the river 500 meters upstream.

As the Meteorological Department reported that there was a thunderstorm in the evening, the rescue time was tight.

The commander immediately issued a rescue order. The three commanders put on life jackets and carried two sets of spare life jackets to drive the kayaks using manual paddles, striving to transfer the trapped persons to a safe area as soon as possible. After 15 minutes, two were arrested. The trapped personnel were successfully rescued ashore.

But at this time, the sky had begun to rain and it was getting heavier. The heavy rain was about to come, and three people were trapped. The situation on the scene was very critical.

Previously, due to a lot of scum and weeds floating in the river, the ship’s engine was not used for safety reasons, but the heavy rain was approaching. In order to save rescue time and rescue the trapped as soon as possible, the commander decided to use the engine to advance the rescue immediately, but every step of the way forward The engine must be inspected to avoid accidents. After 20 minutes of emergency rescue, the last three trapped persons were also successfully rescued.

Editor in charge: [Liu Xian]