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A crying mother's heart 

Bibi Breijman tells on Instagram that her mother's heart "cries in abundance".

Her daughter Teddy fell yesterday with her scooter.

"She then walked all day with this safety helmet on her head. Today there is nothing to see anymore, but she keeps that helmet on for the time being."

With regard to this event, the singer and presenter thinks of all mothers in the Palestinians.

"If my maternal instinct reacts so strongly to a harmless fall from Ted, how should it not feel for all those mothers who are no longer sure of their lives? It breaks my heart to think about how they want to protect their children but simply nothing more to do. "

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Quinty Trustfull congratulates

coffee time

colleague Loretta Schrijver (65)

Loretta Schrijver will blow out 65 candles on Sunday.

"A golden friend", her


colleague Quinty Trustfull


the presenter.

On Thursday, Schrijver announced in the program that he would miss the last two weeks of the season.

The presenter has to go under the knife to have a suspicious "spot" removed.

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Simon Keizer blows out 37 candles

Simon Keizer will celebrate his 37th birthday on Sunday.

"So it is really true what they say:

some things get better with age

", his wife Annemarie is happy that the singer is aging nicely in her eyes.

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Kim Kötter proud of brotherly love sons

YouTuber Kim Kötter is very proud that her eldest son, the five-year-old Muck, even pays attention to his younger brother Youp during his children's party.

yesterday at 5:33 PM

Claudia de Breij has borrowed Elvis's guitar for a weekend.

Claudia de Breij proudly shows a new guitar on her Instagram.

It is one of the Swedish brand Hagstrom, and Elvis Presley had just such a guitar, says De Breij.

Whether she can enjoy it for a long time is the question: she seems to have only borrowed it for a few days.

"The key question is: will this Hagstrom ever leave

the building again

or will I keep it

for more than just a day


she wonders.

yesterday at 11:09 AM

Wendy van Dijk longs for summer with a mixed family

Although the bad spring weather does not cause any summer mood yet, Wendy van Dijk is already thinking ahead.

The presenter wants to have just as nice a summer holiday as last year, she writes with a family photo on Instagram that was taken during sunset.

"Going on holiday with our mixed family. Shall we do the photo again this summer? With all the following?"

yesterday at 11:09 AM

yesterday at 07:48

Jeangu Macrooy changes shape in hotel room On

Friday, the first Eurovision rehearsal was scheduled for Jeangu Macrooy.

The singer said in conversation with NU.nl that he was happy with the result.

A day later he shows that he is ready for the final battle of the Eurovision Song Contest.

In a video on Instagram, he easily switches between different outfits in his hotel room. 

yesterday at 6:02 AM

Angela Schijf counts the most frequently spoken sentence in

Flikken Maastricht.

Since 2007, Angela Schijf has played, side by side with actor Victor Reinier, in the popular police series

Flikken Maastricht


On Instagram, the actress recalls the phrase she most often uttered in the series: "Eva van Dongen, detective, this is my colleague Wolfs".

"Five hundred I guess, and I'm only talking about the times that that sentence is actually in the broadcast."

Friday at 8:02 PM

Kelly Weekers out for dinner

for the first time in more than a year "For the first time in more than a year on a Friday evening not in a house suit on the couch, but eating out with friends", Kelly Weekers happily writes.

The former Miss Netherlands is located on the Spanish island of Ibiza.

Friday at 6:20 PM

Fien Vermeulen looks

 ahead to thirtieth birthday

with the help of


Qmusic newsreader Fien Vermeulen does not seem to be really looking forward to her thirtieth birthday.

On Instagram, she shares

a short video

on Instagram with the help of the voice of


character Ross in which she shows how it feels for her to turn thirty.

Vermeulen's birthday is only on June 30.

Fien Vermeulen is looking far ahead to 30th birthday

Friday at 13:29

Rachel Hazes thinks daughter-in-law Sarah is 'the sweetest'

Rachel Hazes is charmed by her new daughter-in-law Sarah van Soelen.

The girlfriend of her son André Hazes posted a photo on Instagram to which Rachel responds positively.

"Not only the prettiest, but also the sweetest", she adds.

Earlier this week, the singer's management confirmed that Van Soelen is moving into the house he has just purchased.

The singer's mother was less able to get along with his ex Monique Westenberg.

Friday at 9:24 AM

Défano Holwijn does not know what to say

Défano Holwijn, the presenter of the Instagram program

 FC Curfew

, is speechless after he was allowed to make a one-off TV broadcast of his program.

"We did it, we did it. And I don't even know what to say, but thank you."

A lot of people did not watch the TV broadcast, by the way: 56,000.

Friday at 9:24 AM

Thursday at 4:48 PM

Gwen van Poorten looks at life through rose-colored glasses

Gwen van Poorten chooses to view life positively.

"These glasses are exactly what my Thursday needs", the presenter writes on Instagram.

Thursday at 12:06 PM

Winston and Renate return to wedding location

Winston and Renate Gerschtanowitz pay a visit to the place where the presenters got married in 2011.

Thursday at 10:40 AM

Double party for Nasrdin Dchar: Sugar party and birthday son

Actor Nasrdin Dchar will have a double party on Thursday.

The Sugar Festival celebrates the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting in which hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the Netherlands participated.

The actor's son will celebrate his fifth birthday on the same day.

Thursday at 9:18 AM

Carolien Spoor happy with sons' playroom in new house

Carolien Spoor says that the playroom for her sons is one of the things she has been looking forward to the most in her new home.

"No more toys lying around to break your neck, no crayons in the living room, no dining table strewn with craft supplies," said the actress.

"A door that you can close if you don't want to see a mess or if they break down the tent in terms of noise level. Although they are so happy with their new domain, that I often find them together so sweetly and then just leave the door open to join in. to enjoy. "

Thursday at 7:29 AM

Kourtney Kardashian tattoos her boyfriend Travis Barker

Travis Barker has given his new girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian permission to get a tattoo on his body.

"The best tattoo artist", the blink-182 drummer judges the reality star's qualities.

Kardashian has 'I love you' tattooed on the drummer's arm.

Kourtney Kardashian tattoos boyfriend Travis Barker

Thursday at 5:28 AM

Bennie Jolink washes away his favorite football club with beer.

Normal singer Bennie Jolink had a "terrible shit evening" because his club De Graafschap did not promote to the Eredivisie on Wednesday evening. De Graafschap was the favorite, but lost this position on Wednesday by playing a draw against Helmond Sport. This promoted Go Ahead Eagles, which had a better goal difference.

"I have no words for this, I am really fed up, how terrible", Jolink admitted in the radio program

Met het Oog op Morgen

. "Goddamneddamneddamneddamneddamneddamn. I really have to deal with this personally."

The Normal foreman did this by grabbing another beer and then going to bed.

"I just wanted to comment on my favorite radio show. But I had imagined myself differently tonight. What a shitty night."

Thursday at 5:28 AM

Wednesday at 5:46 PM

Royal family at chic

Queen Máxima is on Wednesday evening with her family and mother-in-law Princess Beatrix in the Royal Theater Carré at the music gala that AVROTROS is organizing on the occasion of its upcoming fiftieth birthday.

King Willem-Alexander did not want to reveal what surprise he has in store for his wife on Monday.

Máxima said she has already had a great week with the music tour.

Wednesday at 5:09 PM

Heleen misses readers

Due to the pandemic, a real-life design session has not been planned for some time.

That is why many writers organize online meetings with their audience, including Heleen van Royen.

"Soon I hope to be able to meet my readers in person instead of via a livestream," said the writer.

Wednesday at 12:11 PM

Freek Vonk meets an octopus 

Biologist Freek Vonk came across an octopus while diving.

"Made a new girlfriend this morning."

Wednesday at 5:38 AM

Anna Nooshin extremely happy with bleached hair.

She had wanted it for so long, but never dared.

Still, Anna Nooshin has finally found the courage to bleach her hair.

The influencer and entrepreneur shares on Instagram how happy she is with the result.

"I'm always a bit unsure of what people are going to find, but this time I just followed my heart."

Tuesday at 7:15 pm

A miracle

Angela Groothuizen is delighted with the arrival of Billie, the daughter of singer Shary-An Nivillac and her friend Nena.

"Aunt Angela can't wait to meet Billie in real life, but through Facetime I saw it already: she is a miracle," writes the presenter.

Groothuizen has been friends with the singer for ten years, since she was her coach in the first season of

The Voice of Holland


These two cuties have become mothers to Billy!

Aunt Angela can wait to meet Billy in person, but I saw it through facetime: she is a miracle.

#proud #love #newlife https://t.co/BrFtw7bBvo


Avatar Author Angela Groothuizen Moment of places 19: 09 - 11 May 2021

Tuesday at 5:33 PM

Geert wants to go to Droomvlucht

Amusement parks may probably open again from next week, but that only applies to the attractions that are outside.

Geert Wilders, who has previously stated that he is a big Efteling fan and especially of the indoor attraction Droomvlucht, is disappointed on Twitter.

"Not the Dream Flight !?" tweeted the PVV politician.


#press conference #coronavirus


Avatar Author Geert Wilders Moment of places 17: 14 - 11 May 2021

Tuesday at 5:33 PM

Tuesday at 3:24 PM

Marco collects garbage

Marco Borsato will take the role of garbage man




It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it,

" said the singer.

Chances are he plays a garbage man in the video clip of

Raise your glass

, the new song he made with Rolf Sanchez and John Ewbank.

Tuesday at 12:33 PM

Nice on the walk

Bas Smit is nice to walk during his holiday in Zeeland.

"Lovely hiking", the entrepreneur writes on Instagram. 

Tuesday at 5:49 AM

Claudia de Breij thinks that Mark Rutte is lying

Claudia de Breij has her reservations about the interview of outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte with 


presenter Mariëlle Tweebeeke on Monday evening.

"That's how my mother looks at you when you're lying", writes the royally decorated cabaret artist at the end of April with a photo of the interview.

Monday at 9:01 PM

Michelle Obama knits a sweater for Barack

Michelle Obama, the wife of former US President Barack Obama, loves to knit, she revealed in an interview with Gayle King on Monday.

Her most recent work is a sweater for her husband.

"He hasn't worn it yet, but he will. It was too warm for a sweater when I gave it to him."

Monday at 4:08 PM

Máxima buried under Mother's Day

gifts Máxima also received gifts from her daughter Amalia, Alexia and Ariane on Sunday.

During a visit to the former Radio Kootwijk broadcasting station, the queen said that she had received thick kisses, hugs, dried flowers and flowers.

Monday at 12:54 PM

Jandino Asporaat on the way to Curaçao

Jandino Asporaat takes the plane to Curacao.

In July it was announced that the comedian and actor is in the process of building a new town on the island where he was born.

"Stay focused on your goals, don't get distracted. Now is the time," he writes just before leaving.

Monday at 12:54 PM

Monday at 7:41 AM

Richard Groenendijk is homesick for the guilder era

Richard Groenendijk happened

to come across

a note of 25 guilders (about 11 euros).

The comedian says he is homesick for the period before the euro coin was introduced in the Netherlands in 2002.

If the greed for money wins from the melancholy at Groenendijk, he can exchange the note for euros at De Nederlandsche Bank until 1 January 2032.

Monday at 4:54 AM

Marieke Elsinga happy with early sunrise

Because of her work as a radio host, Marieke Elsinga is already on her way to the Qmusic studio before 5.30 am.

Now that spring is here and it gets light earlier in the morning, the pain of getting up early is eased somewhat.

Elsinga says on Instagram that she is happy with the longer days.

Sunday at 2:44 PM

Edwin Evers does a few times about blowing out fifty candles

Edwin Evers will celebrate his fiftieth birthday on Sunday.

The radio maker and musician are unable to blow out all the candles on his birthday cake at once.

Whether that is due to his respectable age is unknown.

Birthday Edwin Evers does a few times about blowing out fifty candles

Sunday at 2:42 PM

Carice van Houten pampers her skin with 'collagen boost'

Carice van Houten thinks she has found an "alternative to injections and fillers".

"Piece of skin tightening for mom," said the actress.

Sunday at 2:13 PM

Kim Kardashian's son Psalm celebrates second birthday

Psalm, the son of Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West, will celebrate his second birthday on Sunday.

"Of all my children he looks the most Armenian, he is just like my grandfather," said the reality star with partly Armenian roots about her son.

"He reminds me so much of my father."

Sunday at 12:15 PM

Ajax fan Frank van der Lende poses at the statue of Hazes

Frank van der Lende poses just before the just not canceled match between Feyenoord and Ajax in Ajax outfit in front of the statue of the folk singer André Hazes in Amsterdam, who died in 2004.

The radio DJ apparently does not know that, according to persistent rumors, Hazes, a native of Amsterdam, was a fan of the Rotterdam club.

Sunday at 8:38 AM

Frans and Mariska Bauer have been married for thirteen years.

Frans Bauer and his wife Mariska have been married for thirteen years on Sunday.

"As the day of then I love you", writes Mariska, referring to

Reinhard Mey

's song 

As the day of then


Saturday, May 8 at 5:28 AM

Ruud de Wild amazed at rapid recovery

Radio DJ Ruud de Wild, who suffers from colon cancer and has recently undergone surgery, says he looks surprised in the photo.

"I'm also amazed that I can now start doing light things very calmly. Six weeks ago that would be science fiction."

Friday, May 7 at 3:41 PM

Nikkie Plessen treated to fast food

The entrepreneur and presenter will only have a birthday on Saturday, but was already surprised by her team on Friday with a table full of fast food.

"I love this soooo much. What a surprise, and again I didn't realize anything."

Friday, May 7 at 12:20 PM

No make-up for Jan

Jan Smit had rehearsals for the Eurovision Song Contest again on Thursday and shared images of this.

This led to many reactions from followers, who were of the opinion that the presenter and singer has a very tanned face.

That is not the result of multiple tanning sessions or an excess of make-up, Smit claims on Instagram.

"Just sunshine, dear people, that works the best."

Friday, May 7 at 9:01 AM

Nicolette Kluijver with a bob

Nicolette Kluijver shows a new hairstyle on Instagram, although it is not clear whether she really cut her locks or if she has hidden them temporarily.

"I am the Bob", the presenter jokes with a photo in which she can be seen with a bob haircut.

Friday, May 7 at 5:31 AM

You have to talk to your friends

John Stamos, already 57 years old, shares a photo from the old days on Friday.

He can be seen with two friends on the night of their


, the closing school party.

"Friends won't let you wear this revolting powder blue suit," Stamos writes.

Thursday, May 6 at 8:06 PM

Ruud de Wild and Olcay Gulsen going out together

The couple went for a walk on Thursday.

"With the best. Today 7 kilometers", says a proud Gulsen, whose friend recently underwent surgery for colon cancer.

Thursday, May 6 at 13:48

Busy rehearsing

Jan Smit and Chantal Janzen started rehearsing in Ahoy this week for the live shows of the Eurovision Song Contest.

There is also a lot of waiting and that moment the two seize for a selfie.

Thursday, May 6 at 10:35 AM

Fourth child for Oscar Kazàn

Oscar Kazàn, the eldest son of Hans Kazàn, and his wife Bregje gave birth to their fourth child in the night from Wednesday to Thursday.

They already had twins (Oscar and Felix) and a daughter (Skyler).

Son Dante has now joined.

The illusionist says that things are going well with Bregje and Dante.

"I am very proud of them."

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