Last November, author Alan Dean Foster published an open letter accusing Disney of failing to pay him royalties for his work on the



Star Wars


 following the acquisition of Lucasfilm in 2012 and 21st Century Fox in 2019. “My wife has serious health problems, and I was diagnosed with an advanced form of cancer in 2016. We could use that money.

It's not charity: just what belongs to me, ”he wrote in this letter relayed by the

Hollywood Reporter


Since then, many writers have added their voices to that of Alan Dean Foster.

On April 28, they launched an initiative via the hashtag #DisneyMustPay (Disney must pay) with the support of several unions including the Authors Guild, the National Writers Union and Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

As if nothing had happened

Together, they've come up with a list of the companies that owe them an agent, all of which are owned in whole or in part by Disney. These include Disney Worldwide, Marvel Worldwide and Boom! Studios. Among the dozen of authors concerned, there is Ann C. Crispin, author of the

Han Solo


in the

Star Wars


or even of

Alien, the Resurrection

, and who died in 2013. Since then, her widower has discovered that reissues had taken place without any duty being paid.

The same goes for Walter Jon Williams who wrote

The New Jedi Order - The Way of Destiny


“It looks like it sold well.

I've never received royalties, and I don't know if I own any either because Disney refuses to tell me, ”he told the publication.

United States: screenwriters still angry

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