China News Service, Hangzhou, May 15 (Zhang Yuhuan) According to the Zhejiang Meteorological Observatory, large-scale scattered strong convections have occurred in northern Zhejiang and central and western Zhejiang since the 14th, with strong winds of magnitude 11 to 12 in some areas.

The province issued a total of 114 warning signals for strong winds, rainstorms, hail, thunder and lightning.

There were still obvious thunderstorms in the province on the 15th, and some areas were accompanied by strong convection such as short-term rainstorms and instantaneous strong winds.

  According to the monitoring of Zhejiang Meteorological Observatory, from noon to night on the 14th, strong convective weather such as 8-10 strong winds occurred in northern Zhejiang and the western part of central Zhejiang, 11-12 strong winds in some areas, and strong convective weather such as strong thunder and lightning, hail and short-term heavy rain.

From 8 o'clock on the 14th to 8 o'clock on the 15th, a total of 122 towns (streets) in Zhejiang experienced strong winds above level 8, and the largest single station was 35 meters per second (level 12) in the west of Shengsi Li, Zhoushan; Changxing, Jiashan, Chun'an, Changshan, Zhejiang Hail with a diameter of 1 to 4 cm appears in other places; there are 8 towns (streets) with accumulated rainfall exceeding 50 mm.

  According to the latest data analysis, it is expected that there will still be obvious thunderstorms in Zhejiang on the 15th and 16th, accompanied by strong thunder and lightning, 11-12 thunderstorms and strong winds in some areas, short-term rainstorms, local hail and other strong convective weather. The periods of strong convection are mainly concentrated In the afternoon of the two days to the first half of the night.

Among them, on the 15th, the strong convection area was mainly located in northern Zhejiang and the western part of central Zhejiang, and on the 16th, it was mainly located in the northern part of central and southern Zhejiang.

On the 17th, there was still strong convection in the southern area of ​​southern Zhejiang.

  The Zhejiang Meteorological Observatory reminded that Zhejiang has experienced strong convective weather for five consecutive days this week, and it is necessary to strengthen the prevention of the adverse effects of strong convective weather such as local thunderstorms, strong winds, short-term rainstorms, strong thunder and lightning, and local hail.

On the night of the 16th, there was obvious rainfall in the central part of Zhejiang. In addition, the accumulated rainfall in Quzhou, Jinhua and other places in the early period was relatively large. Special attention should be paid to prevent landslides, waterlogging and other derivative disasters that may be caused by local sudden heavy rainfall.