Donald Glover, who raps as Childish Gambino, is chased by rapper Kidd Wes who accuses him of plagiarism for

This is America


For this artist, the global hit of 2018, which won Childish Gambino the Grammy for Best Song the following year, is "extremely similar" to his title

Made in America

released on Soundcloud in 2016.

In his complaint to the New York court obtained by the


, Kidd Wes puts forward "a unique rhythm, lyrics, themes of compositions and almost identical types of interpretation in the content of the refrains which are at the center of the two. parts ".

A good publicity stunt

But Kidd Wes, real name Emelike Nwosuocha, goes further, arguing that Childish Gambino's flow is "undeniably and substantially" similar to his, "if not nearly identical."

And to support his complaint, the artist appealed to a musicologist who, for his part, detected "similarities in the melodic lines", adding that the proximity of the title between

Made in America


This is America

 could not hold the coincidence.

By the time Donald Glover reacts, you can get an idea by listening to the song by Kidd Wes.


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