Mayor of Mazamet, in the Tarn, Olivier Fabre pleads on Europe 1 for the removal of the obligation to wear a mask outdoors for people who have received their two doses of vaccine.

And calls to find as quickly as possible "a normal social communication". 

While Americans vaccinated against Covid-19 no longer need to wear masks indoors, will it soon be possible to do the same in France?

It is in any case the will of Olivier Fabre, the mayor of Mazamet, a commune of the Tarn.

Citing the improvement of the health situation, the latter asked on Friday the removal of the obligation to wear a mask, "outdoors at first", for all vaccinated people, in a letter to the prefect of Tarn Catherine Ferrier .

Questioned by Europe 1, he defends a "logical" measure.

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"Today, we still have a lot of hindsight on the fact that there is little contamination outside and that all the more so, when we are vaccinated, we reduce our risk of being contaminated by almost 80% and to infect others, ”he explains.

Also, he continues, "it would seem logical to me to be able to exempt those who have had their two injections from wearing a mask outside". 

"Find a normal social communication"

For the elected official, "regaining normal social communication is an aspect as important as the reopening of cinemas, theaters, terraces".

And it is necessary "from now to think about how one leaves this wearing of the systematic mask". 


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Such a measure "can be an incentive for vaccination", pleads Olivier Fabre. "You make the effort to be vaccinated, to protect yourself and to protect others ... It's okay to have a little carrot."