In order to encourage children living in orphanages to expand the world through reading, a project is underway to present "the best book in my life" at the behest of university students who left the facility this spring.

The project uses the crowdfunding system of the Internet to introduce books that feel "one of the best books in my life", solicit donations for purchase costs, and donate books to orphanages around the world.

It was launched by Yuna Yamauchi, a freshman at a university in Kansai who left the orphanage this spring.

We have been working with NPO staff to expand the world through reading for children living in the facility.

There are more than 24,000 children living in orphanages due to child abuse and lack of parents, and Mr. Yamauchi himself grew up in the facility from the age of two due to abandonment of childcare, but the opportunity to access many books and information is limited. It is said that some children read textbooks instead of books.

Mr. Yamauchi often has the image of "I feel sorry for the children in the facility," which can make it difficult for people to rely on. Through the project, I get to know about orphanages and at the same time get children books and information. I hope to deliver the opportunity and convey the message that if 100 donated books are lined up, there will be 100 people who will support us. "

The project will run until the 31st of this month, and materials about the children in the facility will be sent to the donors for better understanding.

Ami Takahashi, director of the aftercare counseling center Yuzuriha, which supports young people who have left the orphanage as a supporter of the project, said, "Children who have been abused at home can read books at home with peace of mind. I think I couldn't do it, and even after being protected, depending on the facility, it is difficult to get the books and information that children want. It seems that the possibility of encountering adults and nice books that children can rely on will increase. I hope that the project to give books will help spread the interest and understanding of the facility and the children who live there. "