Louis Vuitton recently named them global house ambassadors, and McDonalds named a menu after them.

Now BTS managed to get 15 million fans hoping for the new single from the world's most successful K-Pop band to listen to roasting fat for an hour.

Nobody had to sing in the teaser for “Butter” to follow the promising click rates of the first English-language song “Dynamite”, with which they hold several YouTube records.

The actual single - with vocals - will be released on May 21st.


Time travel to Italy from 1996

Source: Fiorucci

Similar to an old Britney Spears song or the memory of the sticky-sweet ice cream on a family vacation, the charm of the Fiorucci brand does not go away.


With nostalgia and skillfully used hipster trends, she launches pastel-colored dresses and satin suits as well as sweaters, fisherman hats and terry bags with peach prints.

A change from the well-known angel logo, which should not be missing in the line.


Glamor snack

Source: Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin

At the moment there is nothing left but to dine outside while walking.

In the rarest of cases, however, this is achieved in a cultivated manner.

So it's good that specialties like the Adlon currywurst with gold dust for six euros or the Adlon kebab with veal fillet strips and truffle cream for nine euros are now available from the windows of the restaurant in the Berlin hotel "Adlon Kempinski".

If something gold accidentally sticks to your chin, so much the better.


Fashion, animals, shitstorm

Source: picture alliance / Everett Colle


The new spin-off of the classic "101 Dalmatians" with Emma Stone as villain and young designer Cruella de Vil is at first sight a delight for fashion fans.

Because the Oscar-winning Jenny Beavin designed 80 costumes for “Cruella”.

However, the film is a thorn in the side of animal rights activists, not only because of the glorification of fur fashion.

Peta denounces that the illegal trade in Dalmatian puppies will increase sharply after the film starts.

If you don't want to let the fun of the film spoil: on Disney + from May 28th.


Almost too good for patches of grass

Source: Marni

The perfect picnic, as it is staged on social media under the #Cottagecore trend, is unfortunately usually more pragmatic in reality.

The kitschy-cool collection “Marni Market Goes Around” makes it easier for budding outdoor fans to find their destination: with basket bags, colorful stools, flower pots with zigzag patterns, trendy PVC flower vases and wiry fruit baskets. Even in the apartment, away from the park and from patches of grass, the unique pieces show their cheerful mood.