Today's dish is the sweetness of cheese

Delicious tastes, and a variety of dishes roaming the cities, offering us a selection of Ramadan varied varieties, with innovative recipes and modern molds that satisfy all tastes, prepared by the Lebanese chef Caesar Nasr, with contemporary touches and simple steps, in which he blends a wide range of new flavors and ingredients. The variety of unique recipes and distinct options that suit Arab tables during Ramadan.

Halawet El Jeben is a very famous traditional dessert in Syria. It is made from cheese, semolina, sugar and rose water. It takes the form of soft and sweet slices at the end to be served stuffed with cream or cheese.

The sweetness of the cheese is generally decorated with ice cream and nuts.

As for its origin, it goes back to the city of Hama in Syria, from which the sweetness of al-Jebn was later transferred to all of Syria, so it was famous for its preparation and then the city of Homs.

The sweetness of the cheese is one of the most popular sweetening dishes used in Syrian homes and the Levant, at all times and occasions, and the blame of family and family, as most family members prefer it with its delicious fillings and golden colors that are prepared at home.

While others buy it from the ready-made stores, they add Arabic ice cream (ice cream) to it in the hot summer to add a delicious and delicious taste, while some choose it with grated pistachios or soft white coconut.

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