She suffers from kidney failure and chronic diseases

Najat is unable to obtain 13,000 dirhams for the renewal of her health card

The patient (Najat - 71 years) is unable to provide for the cost of renewing the health insurance card 13,125 dirhams, as she suffers kidney failure, needs washing sessions, and appeals to the people of good and merciful hearts to help her find the amount.

According to Tawam Hospital in Al Ain, the patient suffers from kidney failure, heart disease, diabetes, and pressure, and needs medication for her chronic diseases and dialysis.

Najat tells her story to Emirates Today, saying: “I am in the seventh decade of my life, years ago, because of the chronic diseases that I suffer from, which are heart disease, diabetes and hypertension, and I entered Tawam Hospital in Al Ain, where I underwent dialysis sessions. Due to my poor health, and the health insurance card covered the cost of my treatment, knowing that I have lived with my son in the country for nine years, and I only move by wheelchair, which made me a burden on family members, and I am currently lying in Tawam Hospital, after I underwent an operation Surgical ».

And she continued: “I used to go to Tawam Hospital in Al Ain, and the doctors admitted that I need monthly medications, in addition to dialysis sessions, which are expensive in relation to my family's modest financial capabilities. What prevents me from treatment is the renewal of the health card at an amount of 13 thousand and 125 dirhams, and this is an amount. "Above my family's modest financial capabilities, and I do not know how to obtain this amount."

She added: “My residence is based on the residency of my son, who is my only breadwinner, and he works in one of the shops with a salary of 6000 dirhams, of which 1660 dirhams per month go to rent the house, and the rest is for life’s expenses and requirements, especially with the high cost of living and high prices, and my family depends on the humanitarian aid that we get. From some friends and relatives to be able to keep up with the requirements of living and life conditions ».

She indicated that her son applied to charitable societies and institutions to request assistance, and we did not get any response, and that her problem is getting more difficult day by day, as the pain and danger to her life increases because of her urgent need for dialysis and medicine, especially as she is elderly and suffers from other diseases.

• “Najat” has been living with her son for 9 years and is in a wheelchair.