Man in a cesspool rescues a person from inhaling biogas, unconscious and critically ill and admitted to ICU

  “It can only be said that the situation is temporarily stable, but the person is still in a coma and is not out of danger.” On the morning of May 10, outside the first inpatient building of Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital, Ms. Peng was anxious. She wondered whether her husband Ye Changjiang would be able to. Overcome the immediate difficulties.

Two days ago, when Ye Changjiang, 40, rescued a man who fell into a fecal tank in Baitou Town, Chongzhou, he fell into a coma after inhaling a large amount of foreign matter such as biogas and biogas slurry. He was diagnosed with severe pneumonia, sepsis, and acute breathing by the hospital. A series of diseases such as exhaustion have been admitted to the ICU intensive care unit.

  Ms. Peng introduced that she and her husband lived in Anshun Community, Liaoyuan Township, Baitou Town, Chongzhou City.

The incident occurred at about 10 am on May 8. According to work arrangements, husband Ye Changjiang and two other drivers drove three manure transfer trucks to transport manure to a local orchard.

  After discharging the manure from two of the vehicles to the designated location, while preparing to discharge the manure loaded on the third vehicle into the first storage tank of the orchard, the orchard owner accidentally fell into the storage tank.

At this time, Ye Changjiang, who was in a nearby position, hurried forward to rescue him, trying to pull the opponent up, "the clothes were torn."

  During the rescue process, Ye Changjiang inhaled a large amount of biogas in a short period of time due to leaning over to face the reservoir, and fell into a semi-coma state, and then fell into the reservoir together.

After hearing the sound, the other drivers rushed to rescue him, but in the end they only pulled Ye Changjiang up, but the owner of the orchard was unable to rescue him.

  "After being sent to the doctor, intubation was performed immediately, but the condition continued to deteriorate. The doctor recommended that we be transferred to a higher-level hospital for further treatment." Ms. Peng said, and then her husband was urgently transferred from Chongzhou to Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital for treatment.

  The reporter learned that Ye Changjiang has been admitted to the ICU intensive care unit due to a critical condition, and Ms. Peng is also worried about the high cost of treatment that she will face next.

"Almost 100,000 has been spent in the past two days. The doctor said that at least 300,000 to 400,000 yuan will be prepared in the future. This does not include the subsequent rehabilitation expenses." Ms. Peng said that at present, she has already raised funds for her husband through a fundraising platform. I hope to raise funds as soon as possible so that my husband can receive effective treatment.

  The reporter learned that at present, local government departments are actively providing help to Ye Changjiang.

On the afternoon of the 10th, Mr. Yang, the secretary of the village where Ye Changjiang was located, told reporters that after the incident, the community immediately reported the situation. The relevant departments of the local township and village attached great importance to it. On the one hand, they investigated the situation of the incident itself. The department has gone to the scene to conduct investigations and collect evidence." On the other hand, it is actively trying to provide assistance.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter Du Yuquan and intern Zhang Yan