May 14, 2021

Alice Cooper sells Andy Warhol's painting he found by chance

It's not every day that you find an Andy Warhol painting in his garage and yet this is what happened to Alice Cooper. Since then, the rocker has decided to sell the work of art. “One day a few years ago, I was talking to Dennis Hopper, who was selling some of his Warhol, and I said to him, 'Wait a minute, I think I have one somewhere.' So I went looking for it and found it, in perfect condition. It was kind of a time capsule, which I'm sure Andy would have loved, as he loved making time capsules with his artwork. So the painting has lived on its own for years. We took it and wanted to exhibit it, but finally I thought it was time to move on, to give it to the world. I thought I had it all this time and forgot about it,and that it was time for someone else to take advantage of it, ”revealed the musician.

The Litlle Electric Chair

is an acrylic and silkscreen on canvas valued between $ 2.5 million and $ 4.5 million.

It will be on sale at the Larsen Gallery on October 23.

Time to save!

Katie Holmes is single!

Janet Jackson's brothers thank Justin Timberlake for his apology

It took seven years for Justin Timberlake to apologize for the “Nipplegate” during his 2004 Super Bowl performance, when he ripped part of his costar Janet Jackson's bra.

A gesture that took the time but made Tito, Marlon, and Jackie Jackson very happy.

“First of all, I would just like to thank Justin Timberlake.

You have to be a man to apologize, so we thank him.

But we'd like to move on, because the negativity has gone on long enough, ”said Marlon Jackson on Andy Cohen's SiriusXM show.

For Jackie Jackson, this apology "means a lot" to his family.


Janet Jackson sells some personal effects at auction

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