An independent film director who was handed over to trial for attempting to assault and forcibly harass a female colleague escaped prison sentences.

On the 13th, the 12th Division of the Seoul Western District Law Criminal Agreement sentenced director Song Mo, who was handed over to trial on charges of forced harassment and attempted rape, to two years in prison and three years of probation.

In addition, an order to restrict employment for 80 hours of sexual violence treatment lectures, 120 hours of social service, and three years of employment at institutions related to children and adolescents and welfare facilities for the disabled was also followed. However, orders for disclosure and notification of personal information were exempted.

Director Song was indicted last year on charges of being forced to kiss and attempted sexual assault while drinking with a woman, a fellow in the film industry, in 2017.

Director Song generally admitted allegations of forced harassment, but partially denied the allegations of attempted rape, saying that the allegations were not due to resistance from the victims, but voluntarily stopped the act.

The court judged, "It does not appear to be voluntary that the defendant stopped the crime," and "acknowledged both the charges of forced harassment and attempted rape."

However, he said, "We have not reached an agreement with the victim and have been punished for sexual assault crimes before." It is appropriate to give,” he said.

Director Song has made documentaries on minorities in society, such as the disabled, the puppet, and the poor, and has won awards at domestic and international film festivals. However, after the case was publicized, the Korean Independent Film Association revealed the real name of Director Song, disqualified from membership, decided to ban participation in related projects, and expelled him from the association. 

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kim Ji-hye)