Egyptian actress reveals details of being harassed

The Egyptian actress, Zainab Gharib, revealed that she had been sexually harassed by a veterinarian, as reported by the Egyptian newspaper Al-Watan.

The newspaper added that Gharib began taking legal action over the incident of harassment at the hands of a veterinarian.

The Egyptian actress said in a press interview with "Al-Watan" newspaper that she mentioned the details of the incident through her official account on the social networking site "Facebook", to encourage and educate girls not to remain silent when they are subjected to harassment and to insist on taking their rights guaranteed by the law, which punishes the harasser with imprisonment from 3 to 7 years.

Gharib had published in a blog post on her Facebook account: “When we grow up as girls in fear and silence, someone harasses me today.

And she continued in the same advice, saying, "I do not understand mothers who if their son was killed, raped, or molested, defending her son and forgetting that I am in the place of her daughter in his response. Indeed, I am confused between helping the mother and forgoing my right, and I do not say to her: Oh, the argument of your son is a harasser and he must be punished .. And the strangest thing is ... He is a veterinarian and apparently he thought of me a cattle buffalo in front of him. "