[Explanation] On May 14, the State Council's Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism held a press conference to introduce the "foreign defense import" and vaccination.

According to Mi Feng, a spokesperson for the National Health Commission, China has added 142 new confirmed cases imported from abroad since May, and reports have been reported on land, water, and air ports. Among them, the proportion of mutant viruses has increased.

  [Concurrent] Mi Feng, Spokesperson of the National Health Commission

  The number of new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the world has exceeded 5 million for 4 consecutive weeks, mainly from China's neighboring countries.

Since May, a total of 142 newly imported confirmed cases nationwide have been reported at land, water, and air ports. Among them, mutant viruses accounted for an increase. On May 13, Anhui reported new local confirmed cases. The National Health Commission has An expert team was dispatched to guide the development of flow traceability, nucleic acid testing, community prevention and control, and nosocomial infection prevention and control.

As of May 13, a total of 366.91 million doses of the new crown vaccine have been reported nationwide, of which 12.638 million doses were vaccinated in a single day yesterday (May 13).

  [Explanation] In response to the current situation of the mutation of the new coronavirus, He Qinghua, the first-level inspector of the CDC of the National Health Commission, said that the mutation of the new coronavirus is generally accelerating; with the continuous spread of overseas epidemics, it is not ruled out that new mutants will appear .

  [Concurrent] He Qinghua, First Class Inspector, CDC, National Health Commission

  First, the mutation of the new coronavirus is generally accelerating. Some data reported by the World Health Organization show that the frequency of mutation has expanded from 0.1 per thousand to 1.3 per thousand.

The second is that the number of countries where the mutant strains are discovered is increasing. For example, the mutant strains in the United Kingdom have been found in more than 130 countries and regions, the mutant strains in South Africa have been found in 80 countries and regions, and the mutant strains in Brazil are in 45 countries and regions. Has been found in.

In particular, the newly emerged variant of India has attracted widespread attention from the international community, and the existence of this variant has been found in at least 44 countries and regions.

Third, with the continued spread of overseas epidemics, the emergence of new mutant strains cannot be ruled out.

Regardless of whether the virus mutates, becomes faster, or increases, my country has the ability to monitor imported mutant strains. At present, my country has detected mutant strains from the UK, South Africa, Brazil, and India.

  [Explanation] In response to the overall acceleration of the mutation of the new coronavirus, Shao Yiming, a researcher at the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that China's inactivated vaccines are effective against most mutant strains.

  [Concurrent] Shao Yiming, researcher of China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, member of the expert group of vaccine research and development team

  Mutated viruses can basically be divided into two categories. One is the mutant strain that occurred before the first half of last year and the middle of the year. After evaluation during this monitoring process, it was found that it has no effect on the protection of the vaccine. All vaccines have no effect on the protection of the vaccine. They are all effective.

For example, the British variant, the South African variant, and the Brazilian variant. For these strains, our existing research data, including clinical trial data and our immunization serum cross-integrated antibody protection data, and I think it’s more What is important is the large-scale data of millions of people studied in the real world, so these data show that our existing vaccines. The research data shows that the inactivated vaccines in our country and the mRNA vaccines in the United States are included. It is effective against the South African strain, against the British strain, and against the Brazilian strain.

  Dong Zeyu reports from Beijing

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