Point of view


Massad Al-Harithi

May 11, 2021

A beautiful initiative and confidence in the work was by the National Anti-Doping Agency, and this initiative is an educational invitation and an open meeting with representatives of the media, and without a doubt, "confident step walks king."

We lack the culture in the field of doping, prohibitions, and the health and administrative effects that athletes may be exposed to in all sports, and what distinguished the open meeting the amount of educational material, clarity in procedures, identification of responsibilities, and methods of examination to detect doping.

The meeting was characterized by transparency, clarity, and ease of presenting information, which was like brainstorming, and the participation of some media colleagues in questions and suggestions related to some procedures related to athletes, medical devices and sports institutions, without addressing a specific issue, to respect privacy in some cases that were not decided or issued Penalties, examination procedures have been clarified, how to deal with samples and procedures in the case of examining the first sample, and the presence of a stimulant or prohibited substance, and the existence of a declaration between the National Anti-Doping Agency and the athlete directly, which gives the athlete the right to apply the penalty or not to suspend, to When the official suspension decision is issued, after reviewing the reasons that the athlete sends to the National Agency upon direct notification to the player, as he is primarily responsible for any substance in his body, and the issuance of the decision at this stage is related to the justifications and evidence provided by the athlete and the sports institution to which he belongs, and in the event that he is notApproval of the approval, and the request to examine the second sample, the player has the right to continue practicing the activity until the second sample is examined, and the decision is issued according to the result.

The activities of the National Anti-Doping Agency are no longer confined to examinations and penalties, as awareness programs are conducted for all sports federations, institutions and clubs throughout the sports season, to raise awareness, to preserve our sports free of doping, to preserve the health and safety of everyone, and the integrity of competition.

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