[Explanation] The Earthquake Relief Command Office of the State Council of China, the Ministry of Emergency Management of China, and the People's Government of Sichuan Province jointly held the "Emergency Mission 2021" earthquake relief exercise in Ya'an City, Sichuan Province on May 14th. This is the Ministry of Emergency Management of China It is the first large-scale actual military test exercise to be held three years since its establishment.

  The exercise simulated a magnitude 7.5 earthquake in Sichuan. The houses in the disaster area collapsed and damaged severely, causing a large number of people to be crushed and trapped, and local power, communications, roads, and bridges were partially interrupted.

In 6 cities (prefectures) including Chengdu, set up sub-exercise fields, mobilizing more than 6,100 emergency forces of various types.

The exercise subjects are based on the common disaster chain of earthquakes, taking into account emerging disaster types such as subway outages, high-rise building fire extinguishing, hazardous chemical storage tank fire extinguishing, gas leakage, dam cracking, and tailings reservoir collapse.

  In the firefighting of hazardous chemical storage tanks, the Luzhou City Fire Rescue Detachment, under the remote control of the firefighters, broke into the vicinity of the burning oil storage tank and carried out a powerful fire extinguishment.

  [Concurrent] Lin Gang, Chief of Combat Training Section of Luzhou Fire Rescue Detachment

  (Fire-fighting) The robot has the characteristics of strong power, strong maneuverability, and high fire-fighting intensity. It can be used in complex and dangerous environments such as petrochemical industry. Firefighters can implement remote control on it to achieve the required fire-fighting and rescue purposes.

  [Explanation] Zhang Xuemei, a medical member of the China International Rescue Team who has been engaged in on-site rescue for 16 years, is using 5G remote ultrasound equipment to connect with experts for consultation.

The reporter saw that the device with 5G remote function is only the size of a laptop, and the smaller portable ultrasound device only needs mobile phone software with an external probe to achieve ultrasound inspection.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Xuemei, a medical member of the China International Rescue Team

  5G remote ultrasound, first of all, is the first appearance in the small space of the ruin site rescue. It is easy to carry, and it can quickly diagnose the injury and detect and classify the injury.

With the 5G remote function, if I can't judge the condition on the spot, I can ask an expert to come (remote) for consultation on the spot.

  [Explanation] In the combat support camp on the side of the exercise site, support vehicles with different functions are parked.

The reporter got into the campervan, with neat upper and lower berths, complete audio-visual equipment, refrigerators, microwave ovens, water dispensers and other electrical appliances, which can accommodate 24 rescuers at the same time.

In addition, there are also guaranteed models such as shower cars, dining cars, and linen washing cars.

It is reported that in the face of sudden disasters and large-scale rescues, the combat service support force can provide logistical support services such as equipment supplementation, life support, fuel supply, and health services.

  [Concurrent] Tan Gang, Chief of Logistics Section, Training and Fighting Support Detachment of Sichuan Fire Rescue Corps

  Large-scale camping cars and dining cars. In addition to the two most basic (guarantee cars), the shower car is to provide everyone with shower protection, the water purification car provides water for the dining car and the shower car, and the bedclothes washing car is also for the scene. Rescue workers provide clothing cleaning services. This guarantee is becoming more scientific and systematic. In addition to caring about the basic physiological needs of (firefighters), we also pay more attention to his physical and mental health.

  [Explanation] Liu Zhe, a 23-year-old member of the China International Rescue Team, participated in a large-scale actual combat exercise for the first time. The subject he was practicing this time was shaft rescue. Although the subject has been repeatedly practiced in the team training class, he really went down to three meters. How deep the ruined well is, I can't help but feel nervous.

Liu Zhe said that it is necessary to break through and improve skills while constantly overcoming difficulties.

  [Concurrent] Liu Zhe, a member of the China International Rescue Team

  Through this exercise, I feel that we will be able to master the ruin site (rescue) more proficiently. This ruin site is closer to actual combat. Let yourself overcome psychological obstacles, and then make our skills and technology better. Improvement.

  Reporter Lu Yang, Wangpeng, Liu Zhongjun, from Ya'an, Sichuan

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】