We know, you are impatiently awaiting deconfinement.

Its schedule and conditions have been detailed with our colleagues at Le



Here are the main measures to remember:

For catering

Cafes, bars and restaurants may well reopen their terraces on May 19 everywhere in France, for tables of six guests, then their rooms on June 9, but they will have to be limited to half of their capacity, know Monday the services of the Prime Minister.

Professionals hoped that certain territories, with better health indicators than elsewhere, would be exempt from this 50% gauge, which will severely handicap them, while only 40% of these establishments have a terrace, and that foreign tourists, like the business clientele, will not be back this summer.

For stores

As for the stores, they will reopen on May 19 with a gauge of one customer for 8 square meters and one for 4 square meters, starting June 9.

This gauge should disappear on June 30, said Matignon.

For sports halls

The sports halls, swimming pools & co, for their part, will reopen for all audiences at 50% on June 9, and fully on June 30.

Indoor sport will resume on May 19 for minors, for non-contact sports in a gauge of 50% of the capacity of the establishment.

For contact sports, such as judo, it will be necessary to wait until June 30, which corresponds to the end of the season in reality for clubs and associations.

For museums and monuments

They open from May 19 with a gauge of 8 square meters per person, down to 4 square meters from June 9.

There will be no more gauge on June 30.

For cinemas, theaters, seated concerts and outdoor sports stadiums

On May 19, there will be a gauge of 35% of the maximum capacity of the rooms with a ceiling of 800 people, gauge raised to 65% on June 9, with a ceiling of 5,000 spectators, with a sanitary pass required beyond 1,000 people.

No more gauge on June 30 but still the sanitary pass if the total capacity of the people.

The festivals will start from June 30, with a gauge of one person per 4 square meters.

Regarding spectator gauges, the gauge is 35% until June 9 and 65% until June 30, but within a ceiling of 1,000 and 5,000 for outdoor sports arenas such as stadiums.

Until May 19, the limit is 800 people indoors, to watch a basketball game for example, and goes up to 5,000 on June 9.

As of June 30, it is expected the return to normal for indoor and outdoor in terms of audience.

Higher Education

On May 19, resumption with resumption with a tonnage of 50% of the workforce and a reinforced health protocol.

University exams have been postponed from June 9.

National competitions and health exams are maintained.

Summer camps, reception of minors, scout camps

As of May 19, possible reopening of establishments that do not include accommodation.

If they include accommodation, activities remain suspended except for minors with disabilities, those under social assistance for children or placed under legal protection.

All establishments will be able to reopen on June 20.


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