The number of Covid-19 patients identified in intensive care services continues to decline, falling below the 4,900 mark, according to figures from Public Health France published on Monday.

In total, there were 4,870 people in critical care services (which include resuscitation, intensive care and continuous monitoring) against 4,971 patients the day before.

Nearly 300 deaths in 24 hours

In twenty-four hours, 265 new patients with severe forms of the coronavirus were admitted to intensive care units, against 124 the day before.

This indicator, monitored very closely by the health authorities, is slowly moving away from the bar of 6,000 patients exceeded on April 26, and from the peak of the first wave of spring 2020 (about 7,000 patients).

The total number of hospitalized Covid-19 patients is down slightly to 25,666 against 25,797 on Sunday.

1,125 people have been hospitalized in the past twenty-four hours against 527 the day before. 

In one day, 293 people were killed by the disease, against 116 the day before. 


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