Dozens of leaders from the art and culture sector are very concerned about the consequences of the temporary corona test act for museums, theaters, concert halls and cinemas, which will be voted on in the Lower House on Tuesday.

They have expressed their concerns in an open letter published in

NRC on



They fear that people will stay away because of the obligation to test and they can no longer afford that.

Director of the Rijksmuseum Taco Dibbits, comedian Freek de Jonge, actor Jeroen Krabbé, writer Arnon Grunberg and director of the International Theater Amsterdam Ivo van Hove, among others, fear that people will no longer come to museums and theaters because they are obliged to test themselves, if the law comes through.

"This new law means even more obstacles and restrictions for visiting culture. Restrictions that are introduced but not given an end date," they say.

They hope that the House of Representatives will reject or at least amend the test law, it says in the epistle.

'The cultural sector can no longer cope with this financially'

"Visits to cultural institutions such as museums and theaters are allowed if this law is passed too far, only if the visitor can prove that they have just been tested. This threshold appears to be too great for the public. proven ", write director of cultural center De Balie in Amsterdam Yoeri Albrecht and artist Tinkebell, the initiators of the letter.

"The cultural sector can no longer cope with this financially. So additional financial support measures will continue to be necessary after the introduction of the testing law," says the company.

They believe there is a "good, cheap and practical alternative", which is simply to follow the corona protocols developed last year.

"The extensive experience of last year can immediately be used again. It has become clear from the months in which museums, theaters and cinemas were open that there were no additional outbreaks of corona during cultural visits, in other words, that this can be done safely. investment required. "