Kate Winslet, a battered woman in "Mare of Easttown"

Kate Winslet in "Mare of Easttown", a miniseries currently airing in France on OCS.


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It is a miniseries of seven episodes broadcast in France on OCS: "Mare of Easttown".

His interest is mainly based on his main performer: Kate Winslet.

The British actress finds here a role a thousand miles from the Rose of "Titanic", the film that made her known.


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Easttown is a small town in the northeastern United States, more precisely in the Rust Belt, the Rust Belt, those deindustrialized and impoverished areas.

Mare Sheehan is a former high school basketball star turned police detective who has a lot to do with her family.

She is struggling to recover from the suicide of her eldest son and has to live with her ex-husband in the house opposite.

When a teenage girl is found dead in the forest, Mare makes the connection with the disappearance of another young woman a year earlier ...

Explore your flaws to move forward

Pedophilia, feminicides, the troubled role of a Catholic priest…

Mare of Easttown

explores very hackneyed paths.

But the attraction of this criminal fiction is due more to the description of an atmosphere and a character than to the resolution of the detective puzzle.

Kate Winslet carries the series beautifully on her shoulders.

The British actress manages to make feel the inner turmoil of her character, a battered woman who will have to explore her flaws to move forward.

 Mare of Easttown, in France on OCS


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