Guide to Prevention of Telecom Network Scams

  Recently, a reporter from the Beijing News learned from the Ministry of Public Security that since 2020, the Ministry of Public Security and relevant departments have conscientiously implemented the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee, and made every effort to combat illegal and criminal telecommunications network fraud and have achieved significant results.

In 2020, a total of 322,000 telecommunications network fraud cases were cracked across the country, 361,000 criminal suspects were arrested, more than 272 billion yuan of funds involved in the case were stopped and frozen, 8.7 million people were discouraged from being deceived, and more than 187 billion economic losses were recovered. Yuan has effectively safeguarded the people’s property safety and legitimate rights and interests.

  A reporter from the Beijing News found that with the strengthening of the crackdown, more forms and methods of telecommunications fraud have emerged.

Beijing Anti-fraud Center policeman Su Xingbo reminded the general public to learn more, listen, read and understand common sense of anti-fraud in order to prevent being deceived.

  ●Online naked chat

  "Your nude picture is in my hands!"

  Case: In March this year, a small frontman from a city in Jiangxi was threatened for blackmail after 10 seconds of online chat.

The other party claimed to have Xiaofeng's home address and address book, and Xiaofeng was afraid of the other party's propaganda and tried to make money and eliminate disaster.

Unexpectedly, after receiving the money, the opponent intensified and continued to blackmail. Xiaofeng lost 440,000 yuan in just a few days.

After Xiaofeng called the police, on April 10, the suspect was arrested by Ruijin police.

  Police officer reminds: Nude chat blackmail is a mature criminal industry. Scammers use people's fear of affecting work and social image to force them to submit.

The best way for the victim to be blackmailed is to ignore it, delete the hack, and call the police in time.

Remember: you can't give money!

Can't give money!

Can't give money!

  (Source: New Legal Report)

  ● "Slaughter plate"

  "Hello little brother"

  Case: In July last year, Mr. Zhan reported that he received a call from a strange woman, and he came and went. Mr. Zhan had a good impression of the woman.

The woman induced Mr. Zhan to join the Hong Kong stock investment. Mr. Zhan quickly gained more than 1,000 yuan in income and successfully withdrew cash.

After tasting the sweetness, Mr. Zhan chased his investment of 50,000 yuan. Unexpectedly, the customer service suddenly informed him that the Hong Kong stocks he bought were forcibly liquidated, and there was no money left in the account.

He couldn't log in to the platform and the customer service couldn't contact him, and he realized that he had been cheated.

  The police officer reminded: "Killing the pig" used the techniques of beauties to strike up conversations and online blind dates to strike up potential victims, lure them into the bait by "investing huge profits", etc., and use the method of controlling the software background to transfer the victims' funds into their own pockets.

From the “love at first sight” of online dating to the end of participating in online gambling or investment fraud, this is the “killing pig” fraud.

  (Source: National Anti-fraud Center)

  ●"Pretend to be a public prosecutor"

  "Your bank account is suspected of fraud!"

  Case: On the evening of April 19, Chen Mou, a citizen of Chaozhou, received a fraudulent call claiming to be from the Public Security Bureau of a certain place, stating that Chen's bank card was suspected of fraud and presented a false "arrest warrant."

In fear, Chen went to a remote location according to the requirements of the scammer and transferred 67,000 yuan to the "secure account" provided by the other party.

The local police went quickly after getting the news, but it was too late.

  Police officer reminds: Public security bureaus, procuratorates, courts and other judicial agencies will never use telephone, text messages, WeChat, QQ, etc. to handle cases, pursue escapes, and will not set up channels for inquiring about legal documents such as criminal warrants and arrest warrants, let alone Set up a "secure account" for you to transfer money.

  (Source: Chaoan Police)

  ●Financial scam

  "Take you to make big money"

  Case: Ms. Tang from Zhejiang joined a financial investment group and installed the "Bisheng Asset Management" financial management software on the recommendation of a financial assistant.

According to the guidance of the instructor, the first investment has made considerable gains.

Ms. Tang, who tasted the sweetness, successively invested 760,000 yuan and made a profit of 2 million yuan.

After earning her satisfaction, Ms. Tang was about to cash out, only to realize that she couldn't withdraw cash, and WeChat was also blocked.

  Police officer reminds: Many scammers take advantage of people's "money can make money" psychology, share futures and stock investment knowledge on various platforms every day, and plan to manipulate false platform data to make you lose money.

Once entering the stock group, the routine is as deep as the sea.

"Teachers" and "students" are all childcare, and stock trading software is fake.

Once you find you have been cheated, please call the police in time.

  (Source: Wuhan Anti-Telecom Network Fraud Center)

  ●Ticket fraud

  "Your flight needs to be changed"

  Case: Zhang received a text message at home, saying that the ticket he ordered had to be changed due to a plane failure, and he charged 20 yuan for the cost of the flight and 200 yuan for the missing flight fee.

The other party said that the transfer must be made before Zhang's bank card can be bound to the airline for change.

According to the request of the other party, Zhang found out that he was cheated and reported to the police after two transfers.

  The police officer reminded: When you receive a refund or change notice, you must verify the authenticity of the content.

There is no need to pay any fees if the flight is cancelled due to airline reasons, or if the ticket is changed before departure. The charges mentioned are all suspected of fraud.

And related business needs to be handled in person at the agency or airline counter.

  (Source: Beijing Anti-fraud Center)

  ●Fake customer service

  "Your account needs to be cancelled"

  Case: Recently, a netizen in the third year of graduate school stated on a social platform that a scammer pretended to be an Ant Group customer service to make a fraudulent call, using “the cancellation of the campus loan account or the graduation credit record” as an excuse to deceive the user’s personal information and let The victim transferred and paid a total of 15,000 yuan.

In order to win the trust of the victim, the other party also has a complete name, badge, and ID card.

  Police officer reminded: There have been a variety of telecommunications network scams pretending to be customer service, including "Cancel campus loan", "Refund of reserve funds", "Huabei, borrow money to open withdrawals", "Pretend to be customer service and throw hooks" and so on.

Always be vigilant when receiving calls from strangers, and do not pay or transfer money to strangers at will.

If a user encounters a similar fraud, he can first call the official customer service number of the platform to verify, or he can directly report to the police.

(Source: Beijing Anti-fraud Center)

  ●Online loan scam

  "Loans without deposit and interest"

  Case: Mr. Chen downloaded and registered an app that declared "no mortgage, no guarantee, ultra-low interest, and immediate payment" and applied for a loan of 150,000 yuan.

Later, he found that the money had not arrived, but the APP showed that he had owed 150,000 yuan, and the customer service asked Mr. Chen to pay off the loan within the specified time.

  Police officer reminded: This is a typical online loan scam. Any online loan platform that claims to be "unsecured, low interest rate" is extremely risky. Once you find that you have been scammed, please call the police in time.

  (Source: National Anti-fraud Center)

  ●Trading traps in online games

  "Do you want to buy game currency?"

  Case: When Jiang, a citizen of Wuhan, was playing a game, he added a netizen to buy ingots through QQ, and the other party recommended that Jiang use the trading platform sent by him for trading.

The platform's customer service asked him to transfer money on the grounds of paying a deposit, and also claimed that the review failed, and Jiang Mou used his mobile phone to transfer a total loss of 20,000 yuan.

  Police officer reminds: You must be cautious when trading game accounts and props online. Don’t trust the trading website links sent by others. When buying and selling game accounts, you must choose a trading platform with guaranteed reputation. Do not trade on unfamiliar platforms sent by the other party. To prevent being deceived.

  (Source: Wuhan Anti-Telecom Network Fraud Center)

  ●Order fraud

  "You can earn money at home"

  Case: Recently, Li was pulled into a WeChat group called "Part-time Swipe Group". The administrator of the group contacted Li and said that he only needs to enter the payment password in the URL provided by him, and he can earn commissions by swiping the order. .

Li followed the instructions, but the money in Alipay was transferred away.

At this time, the administrator had blocked Li, and the order group was disbanded. She realized that she had been cheated and called the police.

  The police officer reminded: When you receive a part-time job reviewing information, do not participate regardless of whether it is true or not. If it is true, you will break the law; if it is false, you will face a loss of funds. To find a part-time job, you should go to a formal recruitment platform or company and sign a detailed labor contract to protect your legitimate rights and interests. (Source: Beijing Anti-fraud Center)