, Maoming, May 10 (Guo Jun, Xiao Kunyou, Yang Shengpeng) Recently, a woman in Maoming took sleeping pills on a family trivial matter and took the medicine together.

After being discovered, the railway police raced against the clock to start a life-and-death rescue race with the god of death. At present, both of them have escaped from danger.

  According to a report from the Foshan Railway Public Security Office on the 10th, on May 5, during patrols at the Maoming Station Police Station, the police found a man lying at the entrance of Maoming Station. The man’s face was pale and his limbs were weak. He said vaguely that he had taken sleeping pills. The police were urgent. He was sent to Maoming Petrochemical Hospital for treatment.

It is understood that the young man's surname is Zhang, from Meizhou, Guangdong, and he is a university student in Guangzhou.

Prior to this, he met Xiaomei, a female college student studying at a university in Zhanjiang, through social networking platforms, and the two sides developed a relationship between boy and girl friends.

Taking advantage of the "May 1st" holiday, Xiao Zhang went to Maoming to accompany Xiao Mei on a holiday.

  At 18:00 on the 5th, both Xiao Zhang and Xiao Mei bought their respective tickets to return to school. Just as they were leaving to return to school, Xiao Mei had the idea of ​​taking sleeping pills to commit suicide due to family trivial matters. Xiao Zhang patiently dissuaded him, but neither effect.

Xiao Mei took out the sleeping pills prepared beforehand and swallowed it, Xiao Zhang grabbed it and said angrily: "You don't want to live, I won't live anymore." She also swallowed a few sleeping pills.

After taking the medicine, the two left separately. Xiao Zhang fainted on the south square of Maoming Station due to an attack of drug effects while walking on the south square of Maoming Station. He was discovered by police and station staff patrolling at Maoming Station Police Station and sent to Maoming Petrochemical Hospital for treatment in time.

During the doctor's treatment, the effects of the medication broke out, and Xiao Zhang, confused, mentioned many times that his girlfriend, Xiao Mei, had also taken sleeping pills.

  As life was at stake, the police quickly organized police forces to carry out a drag-net-style investigation near the station. The station staff also joined the search and rescue team, but after searching several times, no trace of Xiaomei was found.

Worried about Xiaomei’s life, the Maoming Station Police Station immediately reported the situation to the 110 Command Center of Maoming City Public Security Bureau, requesting other units to help find her companion, Xiaomei.

After investigation by the police, it was found that Xiaomei had refunded the ticket at this time, and Xiaomei's activities were not found near the station.

  Subsequently, the policemen of the Maoming Station Police Station divided into two groups. While verifying the scattered and limited information mentioned in Xiao Zhang’s confusion, they made several consecutive calls to Xiaomei, and asked the relatives of both parties, schools, and stations to find out the relevant situation. Organize station staff to carry out "carpet-style, no dead ends" investigation.

  After investigation and visits by the police all night and night, finally found Xiaomei in a rental house in downtown Gaozhou. The police's hanging heart finally fell. It turned out that after Xiaomei swallowed sleeping pills, she was unwell, so she refunded her ticket and traveled alone. After returning to the rental house in Gaozhou City, he fell into a deep sleep due to the effects of the drug. The police did not hear the phone ringing repeatedly. Fortunately, the treatment was timely and the two are out of danger. (Finish)