A young Italian woman accidentally received a multiple dose of the corona vaccine by mistake.

As the Italian news agency AGI reported, a nurse injected the 23-year-old medical student in a hospital in Tuscany a complete bottle of the vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer.

In Germany, five vaccine doses are obtained from one vial, Italy has approved the use of a sixth dose.

After the mistake was noticed, the young woman was put under surveillance as a precaution, it was said.

In studies on the vaccine, experiments have so far been carried out with a maximum of four times the dose, so that there is no evidence of possible side effects of a six-fold dose.

There have been similar reports in Germany in the past.

In April, for example, a man at the Schwerin vaccination center was injected with a five-fold dose of Biontech / Pfizer.

According to the city administration, the person concerned had no complaints.

In December, eight employees of a nursing home in Stralsund (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania) also received five times the dose of the vaccine.


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