The man who whispered in the ears of listeners from Europe 1. For the first time since the creation of his show, Christophe Hondelatte will offer a bonus podcast of

Hondelatte tells

, in ASMR version.

On Wednesday, the journalist will whisper the story of Geoffroy Delorme, “the deer man” who went to live for seven years in a national forest in the Eure to live with deer.

The goal of this alternative version?

"Go further in the experience offered to the listener and offer him a total immersion in the story", explains a press release from the radio.

This podcast that caresses your eardrums will be available from 3 pm on the Europe 1 site, just after the broadcast of Christophe Hondelatte's “classic” program.

As underlined by the radio communication service,

Hondelatte tells

is listened to every day by 349,000 listeners on average.

The podcast meanwhile, has recorded 35.9 million downloads since the start of September, an increase of 66% in one year.


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