What is that supposed to be good for?

Now you can

buy thermo mugs on every corner.

Recup, a deposit system for reusable cups, is also becoming increasingly popular: There are now 6,000 places nationwide where you can get the cups and return them.

And yet the disposable cup for hot drinks is still ubiquitous: 320,000 of them are consumed every hour in Germany, according to the Federal Environment Ministry.

The reusable lid Udo should be another option to avoid waste.

You can simply close a cup that you already have at home and drink coffee or tea on the go.

Due to its shape, the lid should really suck in and prevent anything from leaking out.

It fits on mugs and cups with a diameter of 7.2 to 8.2 centimeters.

Udo is dishwasher safe and made of plastic that can be recycled.

It was invented by Carina Frings. During her design studies she was given the task of developing a sustainable to-go cup.

That struck her as absurd: why design another mug when everyone has cups in their closets?

How much does it cost?

9.99 euros in the online shop


Is that a real innovation?

No, you can also buy a reusable lid from Recup, for example, which, unlike Udo, cannot be closed completely.

What is new about Udo is that he adapts to cups of different sizes.

Do you need that?

Our test result:

does Udo actually fit on almost every cup in our kitchen cupboard?

We tried it first and were surprised: Except for a huge teacup, Udo locked everything, smaller Ikea mugs as well as tall, slim mugs that were once available somewhere as a promotional gift.

The lid sucks more or less deeply into the cup, depending on the diameter.

With hot test coffee, we turned the cup upside down over the sink as a test, and a little bit of coffee trickled through the closed drinking opening.

That's why we wouldn't necessarily pack a cup closed with Udo in our backpack like a thermo mug, but rather take it in our hands for a walk.

The drinking itself irritated us a bit: If the lid sticks out of the cup, you have to tilt the cup much harder to be able to drink.

You have to get used to this, especially with hot drinks that could burn your tongue.


Do you need Udo?

If you want to take a hot drink from home somewhere, many will probably prefer a thermo mug because it keeps the drink warm.

But Udo could be useful, for example, if you want to take your coffee cup with you into the garden or on the balcony, but don't feel like animals or leaves flying into it.

On the Udo homepage you can see that theoretically you can also fill muesli or nuts and other snacks into a cup and close it with Udo (see above).

That's a cool idea.

Can it compete with the popular Tupperware jar?

Probably not, but at least Udo can be used in a variety of ways with a little imagination.

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More information at www.udo-duo.com.