"I don't remember a day as special as today for many reasons."

This is how

Carles Francino


this Monday in

La Ventana

, the program he directs in the Ser,

after "47 days admitted" by covid


"It is not that I have experienced something different from that of thousands of families. As I have a small loudspeaker, telling it can be useful to someone," he reflected.

Very excited, with a broken voice, he remembered the moment of his contact with "a positive".

"47 days ago, I had to leave the radio because I had close contact. I got pissed off. It seemed like a very exaggerated measure. I thought it couldn't touch me. Big mistake.

This virus doesn't pay attention to anything

. Seven days later, I was admitted urgently, with a very high fever, very low spirits and very low oxygen too. "

He passed them "canutas".

"I lost my voice, six or seven kilos and suffered a stroke

. Fortunately I have not had any sequels."

He was moved again: "The close contact, a very close family member, died on April 12," he said.

Francino has taken the opportunity to make three reflections.


Is it possible that we have forgotten about the toilets?

Where are the applause? All the tributes fall short."

The end of the state of alarm has left a landscape that worries some.


How can they not get pissed off seeing what has been seen this weekend?

I have the feeling that the allusions to the dead and hospitalized are unnecessary, annoying. Where does that leave us?"

"We must invoke the force of affection", has finished off the start of the first program.

To his family and relatives, "

he has overwhelmed us in these difficult weeks

. We should invest more energy in the important things in life."

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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