What is that supposed to be good for?

Anyone who likes to take a long bath knows the problems: Sitting in the tub becomes exhausting at some point, stretching out and putting your head down is not necessarily comfortable either. There are even people who are too small for their bathtubs and therefore cannot find a hold in them - that's what happened to Annika Götz and Natalie Steger, the two entrepreneurs behind Badesofa, who could just be seen in the “Lions' Den”. Your pillow, which is available in different sizes and especially in muted colors such as beige and gray, should make bathing more comfortable for everyone and look good at the same time.

The sofa is permeable to water and has no buoyancy, so it stays in place in the water.

After bathing, you should simply leave the pillow in the tub, it will then dry by itself.

The cushion cover is made of an outdoor fabric, the interior is filled with polyester fiber balls.

The sofa cushions should be both mold-resistant and antibacterial.

The product description says that there are no mold stains either.

How much does it cost?

The smallest pillow, 30 by 60 by 20 centimeters, normally costs 99 euros in the online shop; it is currently reduced to just under 90 euros.

The largest version in 80 by 60 by 20 centimeters actually costs 199 euros, at the moment 180 euros.


Is that a real innovation?

No, you can find a lot of bath pillows in bright colors and patterns on the online market for self-made Etsy, for example, they start at 15 euros. Tchibo is also currently offering a small bath pillow with suction cups, which costs ten euros. The bath sofa wants to be a premium alternative to the previous offer and is particularly noticeable in a direct comparison due to its simple design.

Do you need that? Our test result:

We tested the largest bath sofa, but hadn't measured our bathtub beforehand, as recommended in the online shop. Our own mistake, the pillow turned out to be too big for our tub and honestly took up some space. But we can imagine how comfortable such a bath sofa in the right size has to be: you can put your upper body down easily, the filling even adapts a bit to the back thanks to the beads - at least that's what we got.

So far we have used the pillow twice and dried it twice.

To do this, we simply set it up in the bathtub and turn it around again and again when the opportunity arises, as recommended in the instructions for the pillow.

It's straightforward and so far it has worked fine.

We didn't have to wash the pillow yet - you can do that in the washing machine (inside at 60 degrees, cover in hand wash).

The cheaper pillows from Etsy can be washed in the same way.


Anyone who values ​​restrained design in the bathroom will probably enjoy the look of the sofa.

In particular, the bath pillows on Etsy are colorful and some with an inscription ("Bathing Mermaid"), which is not for everyone.

We have a small bathroom, so the sofa has to be stored in the tub with us.

This could occasionally be a nuisance, for example when cleaning.

In large, airy bathrooms, however, you can certainly put the bath sofa in the limelight, for example as a floor cushion next to the bathtub.

Is the sofa bed worth almost 100 or 200, depending on the size?

Ultimately, this is primarily a question of the budget and the design requirements for bathroom accessories.

Lions den products put to the test

More information at badesofa.de.