More than 45,000 people volunteered to kill twelve bison in the American Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona (United States).

The park authorities launched a call for applications in early May.

An unprecedented program aims to regulate the growing bison population.

If they are too numerous, bison can harm "water resources, vegetation, soil" and threaten archaeological sites, said a spokeswoman for the National Park Service (NPS).

The "reduction in the size of the herd" therefore makes it possible to "protect the ecosystem", she added.

The decision is unprecedented: the US authorities will organize a #bison hunt next fall inside #GrandCanyon National Park, in Arizona.

- Courrier inter (@courrierinter) May 3, 2021

Take the corpse out of the park on foot

Among the 45,000 applications received in just two days, 25 finalists will be drawn, and twelve will be finally chosen by May 17.

Each of them will be authorized to kill a bison, which he must then be able to "carry out of the area on foot, without the aid of a motorized vehicle", the use of which is not authorized in the area. this area, indicates the NPS.

To participate, volunteers must be a US citizen of the age of majority "in very good physical condition", have their own rifle, undergo training and "have strong verbal communication skills."

The carcasses of the animals will be distributed among the participants, within the limit of “one bison per group of volunteers”.

A unique program in the Grand Canyon

The initiative was a resounding success, not surprisingly to NPS officials.

“When the program was launched, the park received hundreds of emails and calls from people asking for more information on how to register,” the spokesperson said.

This is not a hunt, as the operation controlled by the authorities is not conducted for recreational or private purposes.

Since 2019, the park has also been capturing bison to move them to other areas.

400-600 bison are believed to currently live in the northern part of the Grand Canyon.

Their population could triple within ten years, according to specialists.

Such a program is unprecedented in the Grand Canyon but similar actions have already been carried out in other parks to fight against “the overpopulation of elk and goats”.


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