A Korean court is proceeding with the procedure for seizing Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' assets due to the issue of "recruitment" during the Pacific War, while the company has rejected part of the "immediate appeal" seeking an injunction. By the 10th, we have filed a "re-appeal" asking for an injunction again.

On the issue of "recruitment" during the Pacific War, a South Korean Supreme Court complained to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, a defendant, three years ago in 2018 that he was forced to work hard as a "women's working corps". He sentenced the women to compensation.

In addition, the Korean district court, which received the plaintiff's petition, issued a decision granting the seizure of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' trademark rights and patent rights, and in December of last year, it was deemed that the decision had arrived at the company.

In response, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries filed an "immediate appeal" seeking an injunction against the foreclosure procedure, but in February, the court dismissed some of the immediate appeals related to patent rights.

Therefore, by the 10th, the company had filed a "re-appeal" to the court again seeking an injunction.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries commented, "I understand that the Japan-Korea Claims Agreement has been'completely and finally settled'and I can no longer make any claims. I have re-appealed based on the current state of exchanges between governments."