Good news for the super hybrid rice production test of the academician Yuan Longping’s team: "Super You Qian" has an average yield of 1004.83 kg

  Our newspaper, Sanya, May 9th (Reporter Xu Huiling Poster Group Media Center reporter Li Shengfu) Selecting plots, measuring area, harvesting, measuring moisture, weighing... On the morning of May 9, demonstration in Sanya National Rice Park Point, the "Chaoyouqian" super hybrid rice began to test production.

The expert group selected 3 plots for harvesting and threshing at the same time, and calculated according to the formula for high-yield creation after summarizing. The final measurement result was an average yield of 1004.83 kg per mu.

  In the morning, Xie Huaan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and researcher of the Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and an on-site production measurement expert group from the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, the Hainan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Hainan Seed Terminal, and the Sanya Branch of China Seed Group first inspected Sanya. For all the rice demonstration fields in the National Rice Park, three plots were randomly selected and harvested for actual measurement.

Finally, it was measured that the yield per mu was 1014.56 kg for the first category, 1009.45 kg per mu for the second category, and 990.48 kg per mu for the third category.

The average yield per mu is 1004.83 kg, which is more than 100 kg more than the 900 kg per mu predicted by the design.

  In order to ensure national food security, Academician Yuan Longping proposed a goal of 3,000 kg per mu in double-season hybrid rice (a total of 1,500 kg for early cultivation and late cultivation).

In addition, on December 20 last year, the National Hybrid Rice Double-season Yield 3000 Jin Project was held in Sanya last year, and a project leadership team with Academician Yuan Longping as the chief scientist was established.

  Before planting super rice, agricultural experts also took soil samples from each demonstration site for laboratory tests, and carried out land preparation and basal fertilizer application in strict accordance with the implementation plan.

On December 28 last year, the 30-mu experimental demonstration site of Sanya National Rice Park began planting.

Subsequently, super hybrid rice was sown in several demonstration sites such as Hongqi Town of Haikou City, Lingkou Town of Ding'an County, and Lincheng Town of Lingao County.

It is understood that the design of the demonstration project is designed to produce 900 kilograms per mu in early production, and the variety is "Super You Qian", which will be harvested from April to June; the design for late production is 600 kilograms per mu, and the variety is "Sanyou No. 1", which is expected to be October this year. To harvest in November.

  "After the successful demonstration project of 3,000 catties per mu of hybrid rice double-season, it will set the record for the highest rice yield per mu in Hainan Province." said Cao Bing, vice president and researcher of the Hainan Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

  Xie Huaan introduced that in order to achieve this target of yield per mu, the trial selected the high-quality variety "Chaoyouqian", supported by high-efficiency and high-yield cultivation techniques.

From the perspective of the growth of the experimental rice and the measurement of the yield, the selection of high-quality and high-yielding varieties and the use of green cultivation techniques are a high-yield and efficient mode of rice.

  It is reported that the “Chaoyou Qianhao” developed by the team of Academician Yuan Longping is a high-quality soft rice, which belongs to the fifth phase of super hybrid rice. This trial planting withstood the adverse effects of low temperature and low sunshine in Hainan during last winter and spring. The variety is in Sanya Since the trial planting, the yield per mu has been rising continuously for several years.