• For several months, Yann Tout Court has been sharing videos on TikTok on History and the methodology to be applied for the students.

  • Between humor and serious content, this history teacher from the Toulouse conurbation has found the right balance to speak to a young audience on the social network he loves.

For his followers, the cradle of Judas, one of the Inquisition's favorite instruments of torture, no longer holds any secrets. They also know more about Saint-Barthélemy, the surprising battle of Itter Castle or what is hidden behind the not so childish rhyme of "He runs, he runs the ferret". For over a year, Yann “Tout court” has been distilling videos on TikTok on History, large and small, geography, but also on methodology.

This teacher in a high school in the Toulouse metropolitan area decided to go on the social network at the end of 2019 to take up a challenge and show his students "that when you are interested in things you can control them".

A way of innovating for the one who had already used Twitter a few years ago with his students to revive, one hundred years after the First World War, the history of the hairy Frédéric B. through his writings.

Since joining TikTok, he has won over 260,000 subscribers and has since been joined by other teachers.

He thus found a new vector to reach a young audience, "by playing with the codes of the network, while producing rigorous and useful content".

Share and transmit

For this teacher, who believes "in education for all, free and in sharing", the video was already a tool for his online course site dedicated to his students.

It therefore naturally migrated to TikTok, with shorter formats, even if it sometimes deviates from the classic duration of one minute maximum.

“I favor rigor and subjects, even if it must take more than a minute.

Some people ask me to make videos on the Second World War, I'm not going to spend a minute on this subject, it doesn't make sense, I necessarily favor subjects that can be synthesized ”, assures this perfectionist.

And its contents quickly hooked a varied public, whether it is its "history raps" or its methodological tips, as the best way to announce a plan.

To the point that during confinement, and while distancing had become the norm, TikTok offered him to participate in lives. “All users were notified, on historical themes decided with TikTok, the objective was really to offer educational meetings. From there I began to produce more regularly, offering more humorous and light content, making self-deprecation of the teaching profession, such as the caricature of the teacher who takes three months to correct his copies, it is is useful to humanize our profession ”, underlines the 35-year-old Tiktoker.

If he dares a lot on social networks - which do not bring him a kopeck-, as soon as he finds the school benches, “Yann Tout Court” becomes “Monsieur Bouvier” again.

“For me the separation is clear, that's why I use this nickname.

I also use humor in the classroom as a teaching tool, they don't really see the difference.

I know that they are subscribers, that they make little allusions, but it's a non-topic, ”he says.

Still, the social network allows him to be less out of step with the generation to which he teaches, to have the same references and to be more in tune.

And as with his students, "if among the subscribers there are two-three young people allergic to history who start to like it, then I won", he concludes.


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