"Beauty" live chat to accompany?

Actually "Uncle Picking Feet"

  Liwan police smashed a gang that used live webcast dating to scam

  Li Dong

  Guangzhou Daily (all-media reporters Li Dong, correspondents Wu Murong, Qiu Lihong) Recently, Guangzhou Liwan police launched another attack in a special operation against telecommunication network fraud. The gang that used live streaming to scam friends, arrested 46 suspects, seized 70 mobile phones, 41 computers, bank cards, and live broadcast equipment and other criminal tools on the spot, realizing a "full chain" attack on the criminal gang.

  From the "small case" unearth the "big crocodile" behind the crime

  On January 9 this year, the victim, Mr. Ma, met a "beauty" anchor through a live webcast platform.

After the two parties further contacted by private message for a period of time, the "beauty" expressed that he wanted to develop a relationship with Mr. Ma and asked Mr. Ma to display gifts in his live broadcast room.

Subsequently, the other party continued to play emotional cards, even under the guise of "marrying and having children", to lure Mr. Ma to give a total of 9,800 yuan in virtual gifts before and after his live broadcast.

When "Beauty" discovered that Mr. Ma no longer paid for "presents", she blocked him.

Mr. Ma found out that he had been deceived, so he called the police to the police.

  After receiving the call, the Liwan Police Anti-New Crime Professional Team immediately launched an investigation, and at the same time concatenated the recent similar fraud police information.

After research, judgment and analysis, the police found that there were many police cases involving the same type of fraud, and the amount involved was huge.

After combing through big data, the police found that this case is not simple, there may be gangs committing crimes, and there is a possibility of "big crocodiles" behind the "small cases", so they immediately organized the police to carry out in-depth investigations of the case.

  According to the network identity information of the "Beauty" anchor, the police investigated the active personnel associated with it, and found out the roles of the relevant personnel in the live stream fraud chain one by one, and further determined the scope of activities of the fraud group.

  Based on relevant clues, the police found that the persons involved in the case were all employees of "Changsha XX Cultural Media Company".

The actual controller of the company is Zhang (at large), and it has more than 40 employees, most of whom are men.

They have a clear division of labor. Some employees perform live broadcasts on online platforms as beauty anchors, while other employees pretend to be beauty anchors on platforms such as WeChat and QQ, and are responsible for sending fixed words to the victim, defrauding the victim's trust and lure in the name of love, marriage, etc. The victim recharged on the live broadcast platform and "swiped gifts" for rewards, thereby defrauding the victim's money.

  Professional "scripts" boast rewards, but it is still difficult to escape the law

  After fully grasping the crime evidence and activities of the fraud gang, the Liwan Police immediately activated the anti-fraud linkage mechanism, carefully deployed the arrest plan, and waited for the opportunity to launch the net-retrieving operation.

  At about 10 pm on April 27, the Liwan Police organized police forces to Changsha and Yiyang, Hunan to carry out arrest operations. Wang (female, 32 years old, from Anhua County, Hunan) and Deng (male, 30 years old) were arrested at the scene. A group of 46 fraud suspects including a native of Qidong County, Hunan, seized a number of criminal tools such as mobile phones and computers.

  After preliminary interrogation, Wang and other suspects confessed to the fact that they participated in the use of beauty anchors to reward fraud.

According to Wang’s confession, the company attracted a large number of fans by using the beauty live broadcast as a selling point. Among them, the young men who watched for a long time, recharged a large amount of money, and were of moderate age were highlighted ("into the set of men") and pushed to the company's implementation network. The fraud-inducing operation team made further contact.

  The team’s staff responsible for chat induction use the WeChat and QQ numbers purchased or rented online to upload a series of videos and photos taken by the beauty anchor in advance, and then use the corresponding fake anchor identity to chat with the victim, and use the reasons such as love and marriage. , And constantly induce the victim to recharge the host on the live broadcast platform.

The team has a special chat script. The chatter develops according to the "story" and uses explicit and ambiguous words to create an atmosphere of "seeing each other too late, and making love difficult to give up" to win the favor of the victim, let the victim recharge and reward, and finally achieve wealth purpose.

  According to police investigations, the gang has been involved in more than 130 cases, with deceived people all over the country, involving more than 2.5 million yuan, and some victims were even defrauded of more than 100,000 yuan.

  At present, 39 people including Wang have been criminally detained by Liwan police in accordance with the law for suspected network fraud, and the case is still under investigation.