The historical shame behind the hit play "Long Song Xing": the darkest moment of the Tang Dynasty

  The hit play "Long Song Xing" reproduced the "Wei River Alliance" between the early Tang Dynasty and the East Turks. In the play, the Ashele tribe went south in a big way, breaking the bamboo all the way to the shore of the Wei River. The capital of Tang Dynasty Chang'an was at risk. Li Shimin's imperial conquest and the establishment of an empty city To stabilize the Yanli Khan, the two parties agreed to meet on the Weishui temporary bridge.

  Yanli planned to let Ashley Falcon and Ashley Sheer shoot Li Shimin on the spot when Yanli was in the alliance, but Li Changge, played by Di Lieba, pretended to be a wolf teacher and deliberately shot Li Shimin's wine glass in the hands of the conspiracy to assassinate Yanli. Exposure also gave Tang Jun a guilty testimony, and Ashele had to withdraw its troops.

  What is the Weishui Alliance like in real history?

Why does Li Shimin regard this alliance as a humiliating alliance under the city?

  Turkic soldiers approached the city and Li Shimin retired with six cavalry

  The Weishui Alliance took place in the 9th year of Emperor Tang Gaozu's Wude (626 years), which is not accidental.

In June of this year, the Tang Dynasty took place in the Xuanwu Gate. Qin King Li Shimin killed Prince Li Jiancheng and Qi King Li Yuanji, and Qing suppressed the East Palace and the Qi Palace.

On August 9th, Li Yuan abdicated and called the Supreme Emperor, and Li Shimin ascended the throne.

  The Tang dynasty’s series of court coups and power changes made the enemies who had been eyeing the eye a chance to take advantage of it. The Liangshi who took refuge in the Turks persuaded the Turks to take advantage of the opportunity, so Jie Li and the Turk Khan led a hundred thousand troops to attack Jingzhou in the south. Invaded martial arts again, the capital was shaken, and Chang'an City entered a state of martial law.

  On August 24, the Turks captured Gaoling, east of Jingyang.

The Tang dynasty did not sit still, and Li Shimin appointed Wei Chi Jingde, a well-known brave general, as the commander of the Jingzhou Road march to resist the incoming enemy.

On August 26th, Yuchi Jingde fought the Turks in Jingyang. He lived up to expectations, frustrated the Turks' spirit, and captured a tribal chief, Asdwu.

  The partial victory did not stop the horseshoe of the Turkic army from going south.

On August 28, Jieli Khan led the main force to reach the north bank of the Weishui Passage Bridge, less than 20 kilometers away from Chang'an. The Tang Dynasty that had just laid the foundation was in danger of being destroyed.

  Jie Li Khan also sent an envoy to Chang'an to show off the majesty of the sky, and at the same time to listen to the truth.

Desperately bluffing, saying that the millions of army led by Jieli and Tuli Khan have arrived, and the Tang Dynasty is not quick to surrender!

Li Shimin was put under house arrest under his door in a rage.

  Some people also think that this stubborn thinking power has long become a double agent of the Tang Dynasty. His mission this time is not to "observe the illusion and reality" for the Turks, but "to give advice to the dynasty", and to eliminate all the internal contradictions of the Turks. Informed Li Shimin.

Li Shimin put him under house arrest in Miyagi, essentially protecting him.

  After Li Shimin detained the envoy, he assembled his army and left Xuanwumen, and rushed to the Weishui River with Liuqi including Gao Shilian, Zhongshu Lingfang Xuanling, and General Zhou Fan.

Li Shimin and Jie Li Khan talked across the river and condemned Jie Li's betrayal of the previous covenant. Historically, "the Turks are panicked, and all go to Marrobai."

Subsequently, the various Tang troops gradually assembled, "Jing Jia Yao Sun, even the flag to hide the field." This was actually a suspicious strategy set up by Li Shimin. At that time, Chang'an did not have much military strength.

  Li Shimin ordered the army to retreat and set up an array, and he single-handedly approached Jie Li for talks.

Minister Xiao Yun grabbed Li Shimin's horse and advised him not to underestimate the enemy and take risks.

  Li Shimin said calmly: "I have already had countermeasures. The Turks dared to come out all the way to the shore of the Weishui River, only to see my Tang civil strife. I just came to the throne, and the Turks thought I was unable to resist. If I show weakness at this time, I will refuse behind closed doors. Guard, the Turks will inevitably indulge the soldiers and raid, and then it will be difficult to control the situation. Therefore, I ride alone, seemingly full of confidence, deliberately despise them, and show off my military capacity to show the determination to fight, so that I can surprise and disturb. The Turkic plan. They came all the way and went deep into our Tang territory. They must be afraid. We have the confidence that we will win. Only by negotiating with them can we make the peace agreement stronger. To subdue the Turks, here is one move."

  This trick really frightened the Turkic people. Jie Li saw that the army behind Li Shimin was rigorous, and the messenger was detained again. He couldn't help showing fear and begged for peace.

Li Shimin got it right on the spot, agreed on a date for the negotiation, and then returned to the palace.

  On August 30th, Li Shimin swore the white horse, and joined Jie Li Khan on the Weishui Temporary Bridge.

After the Weishui alliance, the Turks retreated.

On September 1st, Jie Li Khan sent 3,000 horses and 10,000 sheep. Li Shimin didn't want these animals, and only asked Jie Li Khan to return the people who had taken abducted all the way south.

  The specific details of the signing of the alliance under the city are not included in the history book

  According to official historical records such as the old and new "Book of Tang" and "Zizhi Tongjian", the "Wei Shui Alliance" seems to be the victory of the Tang Dynasty. With his personal courage and wisdom, Li Shimin led Liuqi to retreat from the 100,000 army. The day after the alliance, Turks offered countless sheep, horses and livestock.

Or, like in TV series such as "Long Song Xing", the heroic and domineering Tang Taizong completely gained the upper hand in the alliance and formed a psychological crush on the Turks.

  The history books also record that when the Turks did not ask for peace, the generals of the Tang army called for war, but Li Shimin did not agree to war with the Turks because he saw a longer view than ordinary people.

After the successful conclusion of the Hui League, Li Shimin explained to Xiao Yu why he was the master and the non-master:

  In Li Shimin's view, although there are many Turkic soldiers, the military discipline is scattered. They are a group of mobs. The loyal ministers of the higher and lower levels are all bought by bribes. The tribes of the Turkic have their own ideas.

Therefore, during the peace talks, Jie Li Khan was actually a lonely man without an alliance. The high-ranking officials of the tribes under his account were chatting with the Tang Dynasty privately, hoping to make more personal gains.

If Li Shimin wants to go to war, he can put on a grand banquet, and he can capture all the Turkic chiefs with just one drink.

Moreover, Li Shimin still has a back hand. He dispatched Changsun Wuji and Li Jing to set up ambushes in Youzhou to block the Turkic's return. If there is a war, it is easy to fuse back and forth.

  However, Li Shimin did not choose the means of warfare. The history books said that Li Shimin consciously "ascended the throne to become weaker, the country is not secure, and the people are not rich", "it is the way of the country, and quiet is the task."

Li Shimin believes that war is not as good as pacification. War will inevitably result in death and injury, and the loss will be too great; even if you win, you will have deeper grievances with the defeated, and the loser will know how to fight for revenge, and the suffering will be endless.

"If you want to take it, you must fix it."

It is better to give them jade silk to satisfy their greed, they get the property, and they deserve to retreat.

As a result, they will become more arrogant, ignore their military equipment, and gradually embark on the path of destruction, and then they can be wiped out in one fell swoop.

  Is this true of the Weishui League?

In the fourth year of Zhenguan (630 years), when Li Jingke regained Dingxiang and Weizhen Beidi, Li Shimin said that he "reported the battle of the Weishui in previous years" and "bathed my shame on the Weishui", indicating that the Weishui alliance is the alliance under the city in Li Shimin's mind. For "the shame of Weishui."

  Turks agreed to retreat, what price did the Tang Dynasty pay?

How much is the compensation for Sui coins like the Song Dynasty?

Regrettably, nothing is mentioned in the history books. It is most likely that the incumbent of the Great Tang Dynasty has deleted the humiliation history from the beginning of the dynasty.

  Wash the shame of the Weishui, Li Jing strikes the East Turks

  Before the Weishui alliance, Tang had an alliance with the Turks.

During the turmoil in the late Sui Dynasty, the northern Turks flourished for a while, "the string was controlled by a million, and the Rong Di was strong, and it was not there in ancient times." The northern minorities Khitan, Shiwei, Tuyuhun, and Gaochang were all entrusted by the Turks and ruled the warlords Dou Jiande and Xue. Ju, Liu Wuzhou, Liang Shidu, Li Gui, Wang Shichong, etc. all professed to the Turks, and Li Yuan was no exception.

  In the thirteenth year of the Sui Dynasty (617), when Li Yuan launched his army in Taiyuan, in order to avoid worries, he freed up his hands to eliminate the forces of the Central Plains and became a minister to the Turks.

Li Yuan’s secretary Wen Daya recorded in the "Daily Notes on Entrepreneurship of the Tang Dynasty" that Li Yuan once said, "The income from the conquest, and the children's jade silk, all belong to the Khan." In order to get the help of the Turks, Li Yuan "wait for the (Turkic) envoys, and I will be more and more in awe," Without losing the courtesy of the vassal officials." "Zhengguan Officials" also recorded what Li Shimin said to his courtiers: "The country was created by the past, the Turks were strong, and the Supreme Emperor (Li Yuan) called the minister Yu Jieli on the basis of the people. Annihilate the Huns and sit uneasy at the table, and you will not be willing to eat."

  In this way, Li Shimin condemned Jie Li Khan's betrayal of the covenant in the Weishui Alliance. It should be that the Tang proclaimed and paid tribute to the Turks, and the Turks did not invade the Tang border and sent troops to help.

Although there was a covenant, the Turks were profit-oriented and insatiable. From the third year of Tang Wude (620 years), when the Turks invaded Liangzhou, they had been invading continuously. The Tang Dynasty mainly focused on defense.

After the Xuanwu Gate, the Turks saw opportunities for plundering and extortion to the south, and only then did the battle of Jingyang and the alliance of Weishui.

  Less than 20 days after Li Shimin ascended the throne, he encountered the "Mount Tai overwhelming". He wanted the Turkic troops to withdraw. All he could choose was to continue to show his weakness and submit himself to court, pay tribute, and make peace.

Although the details of the covenant are published in history books, from the two "Books of the Tang" Li Shimin talked about the shame of Weishui and his behavior after the shame of Weishui, it can still restore part of the truth.

For example, he said that the Turkic "only financial gains are foreseeing", "to take what we want, we must fix it." "Today, I will regain my arms (truce), and I will use jade and silk (losing money). He has what he wants and knows what he wants. Retreat." These are all Li Shimin's omissions, and the history books have not deleted everything.

It is inevitable to claim the court and lose money. As for the loss, the official history does not tell. The Northern Song Dynasty notebook novel "Tang Yulin" called Tang Taizong "empty mansion" in order to ask the Turks to retreat.

Soldiers approached the city, which was a shame and shame. No wonder Li Shimin was "heartbroken... sitting restlessly at the table and unwilling to eat".

  After experiencing the shame of Weishui, Li Shimin's greatness lies in his ability to respond to danger, bend and stretch, and be brave after knowing the shame.

  After the Weishui League, Li Shimin personally led various guards to practice archery in the Xiande Hall, rewarding the warriors, assessing the generals, and diligently cultivating morality, stabilizing the political situation, and separating the various tribes of the East Turks.

Finally in the third year of Zhenguan (629), Li Shimin took advantage of the division and weakness of the East Turks, and ordered Li Jing and others to divide into six groups to launch a counterattack. In 630, Jie Li Khan was captured, and the East Turks destroyed the country ever since.

  "Single Yu Jiqi, shameless!" Li Shimin was in a happy mood, amnesty the world, and celebrated the whole country for five days.

The Supreme Emperor Li Yuan, who was once a vassal to the Turks, heard that Jie Li Khan was captured. He gathered the emperor, concubines, and princes and ministers to have a banquet in Lingyan Pavilion. Li Yuan played the pipa, Li Shimin and the Turkic Jie Li Khan danced, and the South Vietnamese chief Feng Zhi chanted poems. , The princes toasted one after another, "Long live everyone, stop at night."

At that time, the people were safe, and the Siyis were attached to each other. "The family of Hu and Yue has not existed since ancient times" (Tang Gaozu).

  Later generations might have thought that Datang almost died on the shore of the Weishui River on the eve of its prosperous age.

  References: "Old Tang Book", "New Tang Book", "Zi Zhi Tong Jian"

  Cover news reporter Wen Kanglin