Ningxia Health and Health Commission responded to “the report of a new crown-infected person was leaked”: under investigation

  In response to "the report of the circulation of a new crown-infected person in Ningxia was leaked, and information such as ID number and address were circulated", on the morning of May 10, a staff member of the Propaganda Office of the Ningxia Health Commission told The Paper (www.thepaper. cn). Yesterday, they were concerned about the leak of the COVID-19 infection report. They immediately contacted the Network Information Office of the Ningxia Autonomous Region Party Committee and related units. The relevant situation is currently under investigation.

  On the morning of May 10, the Ningxia Internet police patrolled and enforced the law through official Weibo, saying that “the relevant departments will deal with it, and the situation cannot be made public for the time being”.

  According to a report by Boiling Point Video on May 9th, in response to this matter, the Ningxia CDC responded that the circulation report will be synchronized to multiple related departments. It is not clear at which link the leak was leaked. The source of the leak is being traced and given to relevant personnel.

  The Paper ( noted that Fan's information on the Internet includes the patient's name and the name of his relatives, ID number, home address, and detailed itinerary records.

  In response to the leakage of personal information of cases, Ding Jinkun, a Shanghai Dabang law firm, previously analyzed in an interview with The Paper that the epidemic prevention and control unit must follow the principle of necessity when releasing personal information of cases, and only for the public interest.

Under normal circumstances, the epidemic prevention and control unit can publish the patient's residence and the places visited to remind the relevant personnel in the above-mentioned places to prevent the epidemic, and cannot publish other personal information that is not related to the epidemic prevention; in special circumstances, such as searching and tracking Patients can publish more specific personal information to protect the public interest.

  What are the legal responsibilities for privately disseminating and forwarding the personal information of cases?

Ding Jinkun analyzed that the dissemination and dissemination of personal information such as case names, ID card numbers and photos caused distress and constituted a civil infringement.

The person who disseminates the information shall bear civil liabilities, such as stopping the infringement, apologizing, compensating for the loss, restoring the influence, etc.

According to Article 42 of the Law on Public Security Administration Punishments, public security penalties shall be imposed.

  According to the notice on the website of Yinchuan Municipal Health Commission of Ningxia Autonomous Region on May 9, Fan, male, 32 years old, entered Shanghai on April 23, 2021. After 14 days of intensive medical observation and 3 nucleic acid tests, he entered Shanghai on May 7. The quarantine was released on the same day and the bank was returned to Shanghai. The nucleic acid test result was positive on the first day of the return.

According to the "New Coronary Virus Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (Trial Eighth Revised Edition)" by the Ningxia Autonomous Region's diagnosis and treatment expert group, it was judged to be a confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia, and the clinical classification was ordinary.

The patient has been transferred to a designated hospital for treatment, and the close contact personnel are tracking.

  The Paper, reporter Liao Yan, Lin Jueyao