Hangzhou Wildlife World "hides the leopard", only recognizes "money" but not "leopard"?

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  In any case, public safety comes first.

  The escape of three underage leopards in Hangzhou Wildlife World still affects people's hearts.

As of press time, two have been captured, and the last Leopard on the run has also been found by drones.

  In this incident, what people are most concerned about is why the zoo involved in the incident should "hide the leopard"?

In rehearsing the entire incident, according to media reports, some villagers discovered the leopard as early as May 1st and raised doubts, but the garden party has repeatedly concealed this.

Although later admitted that there was a security problem, a "sacred operation" to delete the announcement followed.

If the leopard hadn't been "caught" in time, the public would really not know how to judge what the garden party said.

  The zoo's follow-up argument that it was worried that the announcement of the incident would cause panic was also questioned as nonsense by many people.

After the official confirmation of the Leopard's escape, many witnesses and joint defense team members played an important role in the search operation.

This is tantamount to being at the "face-slap" garden.

  Since villagers discovered the leopard on May 1, why did the zoo report it on the 8th?

Some members of the joint defense team explained the secret, "The reason why the zoo is silent is because it is worried that it will affect the ticket revenue of the "May Day holiday"."

  This seems to be a theory of condemnation, but it is not unreasonable.

It is worth noting that when the leopard was walking around, the zoo in question was open for business as if there were no accidents, including elementary school students outing in the spring before the temporary closure on May 8.

  The zoo in question is known as the largest wild animal world in East China.

Although the "May 1st" holiday data has not been disclosed this year, from the experience of previous years, the income during the "May 1st" period is indeed a piece of "fat".

  According to public reports, during the May 1st holiday in 2019, the zoo had 50,000 single-day visitors; even if it encountered an epidemic last year, it also reached an average of 12,000 per day.

In addition, people's travel demand during the May Day holiday this year is even stronger. If the park is closed, the "loss" caused to the park is worth counting.

  But after all the calculations, this is actually a mess in the end.

Because of the negligence and concealment of the garden, the government needs to invest a lot of manpower, material and financial resources in search and arrest. Who will bear the losses caused by this?

And in the event of casualties, it may also be suspected of violating the "crime of major liability accident" in the Criminal Law. If a similar situation occurs, it is not just a matter of "making money".

  Because of this escape incident, the public has raised a lot of questions about the management level and ability of the zoo in question: Did the garden party ignore the public's safety because of its greed for profit?

These questions are undoubtedly worth asking repeatedly.

  In the case of covering the cover in advance and repeatedly lying and avoiding, this kind of concealment has long been proved to be invalid, and it will give rise to secondary disasters.

In this matter, the relevant departments have controlled the main person in charge of the wildlife world, which is in line with public expectations.

But only by making them pay a heavier price can they serve as a real warning.

Regarding the public questioning of "concealing the leopard's escape to make money", there should be a clear statement as soon as possible.

  □ Green Bee (media person)