In response to the application of "priority measures such as prevention of spread" in Gifu Prefecture from the 9th, city officials in the downtown area of ​​Gifu City look around to check whether restaurants are responding to requests to shorten business hours. The we.

With the application of priority measures such as prevention of spread, 16 cities and towns such as Gifu City, Ogaki City, and Tajimi City will be targeted in Gifu Prefecture, and the prefecture will shorten the business hours for restaurants to 8 pm , We request that you do not serve alcoholic beverages throughout the day.

On the night of the 9th of the first day, 40 city officials toured a total of more than 1000 restaurants in the downtown Yanagase and Tamamiya districts of Gifu City, and whether they were closed by 8 pm or not, and the business hours I checked whether there were any notices of shortening or closure.

On the night of the 9th, most of the shops were closed by 8 pm, and many of them were already closed from the end of last month, so the downtown area, which is usually crowded with many people, was quiet with the lights off.

Mr. Takumi Shimizu, Deputy Director of Agriculture, Commerce and Industry Cooperation, Ministry of Economic Affairs of Gifu City, said, "Everyone in the area I visited this time is actively cooperating. I will report today's results to Gifu Prefecture and join us. I would like to consider future measures. "