[Explanation] On May 9, the Tibet Autonomous Region Mountaineering Management Department and the government of Mount Everest (hereinafter referred to as Mount Everest) held a meeting at the mountaineering base camp on the northern slope of Mount Everest.

The meeting clarified that the most stringent epidemic prevention measures will be taken during the 2021 Mount Everest climbing season. The focus of epidemic prevention and control will be on the summit of Mount Everest, and an isolation line will be set up on the summit.

  [Concurrent] Nima Tsering, Director of the Sports Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region

  Because the north and south slopes of (Everest) are different routes, it will not have this kind of infection (situation).

The most important focus of our prevention and control is at the peak, so the peak means that we must have a guide in advance to arrange and pull up this line of defense and control.

  [Explanation] Mount Everest is located on the border of China and Nepal. The climbing routes are located on the northern slope on the Chinese side and the southern slope on the Nepalese side.

Recently, media reported that a climber in the southern slope base camp in Nepal was diagnosed with the new crown. The prevention and control of the Mount Everest epidemic has aroused great attention from the outside world.

  Nyima Tsering, director of the Sports Bureau of the Tibet Autonomous Region, told reporters that the Tibet Mountaineering Administration attaches great importance to it and has strengthened epidemic prevention and control measures in all aspects.

Especially set up isolation lines on the top side of the peak, and prohibit people and objects on the north and south slopes from contacting each other on the top of the peak.

  In addition, the mountaineering department also focuses on epidemic prevention and elimination of the mountaineering base camp on the northern slope of Mount Everest and various camps along the way.

  [Concurrent] Liao Ken, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Xigaze, Tibet

  We have always attached great importance to the prevention and control of the epidemic, and have been very strict, especially in some special stations, this airport, and road junctions, which have been carefully arranged to prevent death.

  [Explanation] According to reports, there will be two teams from the North Slope in China in 2021, one is a 21-person team to climb Mount Everest, and the other is a 17-person team to hike to the North Col of Mount Everest.

There are no confirmed cases of new crowns on the northern slope of Mount Everest.

  Reporting from Xigaze, Tibet by reporter Gongsang Ram Ran Wenjuan

Editor in charge: [Liu Pai]