It all started with an anonymous information, balanced in January 2020. A person explains to the authorities that a Turkish national living in Nantes "facilitates the employment of Turkish and Azeri workers in an irregular situation by means of false documents".

After more than a year of investigation, the police announced that they had dismantled this sector by arresting fourteen people in Ille-et-Vilaine, Vendée and Loire-Atlantique, according to the Rennes public prosecutor, Philippe Astruc. .

Twelve of them were indicted in particular for "money laundering committed by an organized gang and use by an organized gang to the services of a person carrying out covert work". Three of them, who have “no or little criminal record”, have been placed in pre-trial detention. Investigators suspect a 43-year-old Turkish national of being the head of these shell companies.

The man is suspected of having set up a false subcontracting in the construction sector.

Since 2018, four fictitious companies registered in Rennes and Nantes have invoiced false subcontracting services to construction companies.

By doing so, they did not have to pay compulsory social security contributions and made undeclared people work.

Financial flows were identified, in particular because a large part of the sums were the subject of money orders destined for Turkey.

"In total, the financial flows corresponding to these false subcontracting invoices were estimated at more than 4 million euros between September 2018 and April 2021", specifies the prosecution.


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