“On Monday afternoon, the temperature will start to rise sharply.

It will already be +18 ° С ... + 20 ° С.

From the first working day, the weather will come, which will not be conducive to work at all.

The weather will be summer, ”TASS quotes his statement.

According to Vilfand, on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, the temperature is predicted to be below + 10 ° C, and on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, it is expected to range from +11 ° C to +16 ° C.

"The daytime temperature during this period will be in the range of +22 ° С ... + 24 ° С in Moscow, and in the Moscow region it will reach +26 ° С," added the forecaster.

Earlier, the Hydrometeorological Center told about the weather, which is expected on the territory of the central part of Russia on May 9.