Former President Barack Obama's dog, Bo, died on Sunday after a battle with cancer, the Obamas reported on social media.

Barack and Michelle Obama said on Instagram that they were very sad about the loss of their dog.

The former president described Bo as a "true friend and loyal companion."

“He tolerated all the hassle of living in the White House, he had a big bark but didn't bite, loved jumping in the pool, was unperturbed with kids, lived around the dinner table for leftovers, and had a blast. hair, ”Barack Obama wrote.

Bo, a Portuguese water dog, was gifted to the Obamas by Edward M. Kennedy.

The late Massachusetts senator was a major supporter of Barack Obama's 2008 election campaign and had a close relationship with the family.

The Obamas now also have another dog, Sunny, who became part of the family in August 2013.