On the morning of the 9th, on the down line of the Shin Tomei Expressway in Shizuoka Prefecture, a minibus on which elementary school students were riding stopped at the side of the road due to a breakdown, and then burned violently.

No one was injured, but some sections were closed.

Around 11:40 am on the 9th, a fire broke out from a minibus that had broken down and stopped beside the road on the down line near the Enshu Morimachi parking area on the Shin Tomei Expressway running in Morimachi, Shizuoka Prefecture.

A video taken by a person in a car driving in the up lane on the other side shows black smoke rising high and red flames spreading and burning violently inside the minibus.

The fire department that received the report extinguished the fire, and the fire was extinguished after 1:00 pm.

There were 24 elementary school students and instructors returning to Hamamatsu City after the youth baseball game, but all of them evacuated and were not injured.

We are investigating the cause of the fire by the police and fire department.

Due to this fire, some sections of the Shin Tomei Expressway were closed for about 3 hours.