[Explanation] On May 9, the "Hubei Tour of Well-Known Private Enterprises-College Student Recruitment Fair" co-sponsored by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and the Hubei Provincial Government was held in Wuhan. More than 160 private enterprises organized groups to recruit talents in Hubei, providing online and offline 307,000 posts.

  [Explanation] The job fair positions involved in software engineering, engineering management, architectural design, human resources, finance and taxation, marketing and other fields.

With the combination of online and offline methods, graduates can not only negotiate face-to-face with employers offline, job applicants who are not present can also log in to "Allianz Talent Online" to learn about recruitment information and apply for their favorite positions.

  [Concurrent] Recruitment of Diana, Corporate Public Affairs Manager

  In this job fair, we brought more than 100 positions to the site. This morning, we have received about 95 copies of paper resumes.

We set up more comprehensive positions, and we also attach great importance to this job fair. In addition to the group's manpower, we also brought 4 business department HRs to recruit together.

  [Explanation] The reporter saw at the scene that the companies participating in the recruitment, in addition to the top 500 Chinese private enterprises such as Xiaomi Technology, Fortis Group, Taikang Pension, Jointown, etc., there are also Yongding Group, Fuyao Glass, GEM New Materials and other Chinese companies. The top 500 private manufacturing enterprises and a batch of technological and innovative private enterprises such as AutoNavi, iFlytek, and Kingsoft.

Some recruitment booths were crowded with college students who came to consult.

  [Concurrent] Student of South Central University for Nationalities

  Today I have invested in three or four companies (enterprises), and there are many opportunities for education operations.

There are more online ones. Just like that kind of e-commerce platform, there are more job opportunities like online education.

  [Explanation] Tianneng Holding Group from Huzhou, Zhejiang brought more than 100 jobs this time, involving production quality, technology research and development, marketing, accounting, supply chain logistics and other categories.

Diana, the public affairs manager of the group, said that Hubei is rich in science and education resources and talented people.

Participating in this job fair can not only recruit outstanding talents, but also contribute to the development of Hubei and Wuhan after the epidemic. For enterprises, it is a double-eyed thing.

  [Concurrent] Recruitment of Diana, Corporate Public Affairs Manager

  Because this event was jointly organized by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and the United Front Work Department of Hubei Province, it gathered such high-achieving students from more than ten universities in Wuhan.

Coming to the site for exchanges, in addition to our company's ability to recruit outstanding talents in Hubei, it is also a very good event for our private enterprises to help Hubei and Wuhan to carry out post-epidemic reconstruction (vibration).

  [Commentary] This special job fair is organized by the United Front Work Department of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee, the Hubei Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Hubei Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, the Hubei Provincial Department of Education, the Hubei Provincial Department of Veterans Affairs, the Hubei Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, the Hubei Provincial Women’s Federation, and Wuhan University of Technology Co-hosting is the first event of this year's "Hubei Tour of Well-known Private Enterprises". In the future, special events such as investment promotion, rural revitalization, and consumption assistance will be carried out to fully support Hubei's economic recovery and high-quality development.

  Reporter Zheng Ziyan reports from Wuhan, Hubei

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]