May 9th is Mother's Day. Jiang Zhang Ziyi, a 16-year-old "legless girl" in Shangrao, Jiangxi province, ordered a cake for her mother, thanking her mother for her years of tolerance, understanding and care.

  Zhang Shuixiang, Zhang Shuixiang, mother of Jiang Zhang Ziyi, expressed his gratitude to the majority of netizens for their concern and attention to Jiang Zhang Ziyi.

She said that every Mother's Day her daughter would carefully prepare gifts for her and she was very happy.

She said that although she would devote more energy to her daughter, she also reaped more happiness from her daughter.

In the end, she wished all mothers a happy Mother's Day, and hoped that all children could grow up happily and healthy.

(Reporter Liu Zhankun produces Wang Jiayi)

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]